5 Attractive Design Favor Boxes in UK Market

Favor boxesare used on special occasions like a wedding to distribute gifts or prizes among people. These packages provide you with the option to give each person a similar gift so that everyone can have the same experience. These packages have a handle on top, which helps with handling. These might seem fragile from the looks of them, but in reality, these are made with the best materials available. These can be Kraft and cardboard because they are widely available and durable. These packages are shipped to the customers in flat form, along with the instructions to assemble them. The top flaps lock perfectly to ensure that the precious gifts inside them do not fall out. These can be printed with various designs and illustrations. However, die-cut designs are more popular for these packages. These packages can be manufactured in many sizes, and the shapes can also vary up to some extent. 

Favor boxesare being used by many people in the UK for quite a long time. It is because there are many events every year on which these packages are supposed to be used. However, most conventional shapes are used, and sometimes people tend to get bored of a boxier design. It is why the industries in the UK are coming up with new designs to impress people. If you are interested in knowing more about these shapes, then follow below to learn more about them.

1.  Pyramid Style Packaging

One of the latest options for custom favor boxes is using the pyramid shape. This shape is attractive on its own, and when it is presented at special events like a wedding, it can create a better look. These are made with sturdier cardboard materials to ensure that their shape and corners stay perfectly defined. Sometimes custom die-cut windows can be added to these packages to make them look more appealing for the recipients. Other than that, ribbons are used on the top part of this packaging for closure purposes. It creates a perfect look like a gift for the perfect person. It can be used for packaging candies or chocolates inside the box. 

2.   Pillow Boxes

A pillow box is known to be one of the most common gift packagings. It is why on special occasions like a wedding, these pillow boxes are also a popular choice. It is mostly because it provides the recipients with something new. It is way more different than any regular packaging style. It is made from a single construction of paper. It can be printed with personalized messages for the occasion or illustrations. All in all, for people looking for something unique yet simplistic, these pillow packages are for them. It can be colored according to the theme of the wedding or can use textured materials to make it more special. 

3.   Boxes with Handles

This form of favor box packagingis inspired by gable boxes. It is why these packages have handles on top of them, which help with carrying these packages easily. Mostly these handles are formed after the top flaps lock properly. These handles are also made of Kraft or cardboard, which are a part of the packaging. These are shipped to the customers in flat form and with them, and an instruction guide is given. These are also fully printable packages, which makes sure that you can print them with any design you want. Mostly the text printed on it is related to the occasion. For instance, in a wedding, the text printed on it would be related to the name of the bride and groom. Or it can be the date of the event.

4.   Die-Cut Designs

Die-cut designs are always a source of attraction for anyone. It is why this particular form of design made its way towards these custom favor boxestoo. In this case this the die-cut design is not just limited to windows in packaging. Manufacturers make high-quality designs from it in different shapes and cuts. Mostly heart shapes are common with this particular design. Apart from that, sometimes the die-cutting is done in a way that shows text or names of the couple. The best part is that it serves the purpose of a window in the packaging too, and it looks more attractive because of these complex yet eye-catching designs.

5.   Rustic Packaging

The rustic packaging is more or less related to the texture and printing surface of the box. This style can be achieved by printing the packaging with a brown or golden touch. Apart from that, the texture of the packaging is sometimes grainy, which results in a better feel to the touch. To top it off, strings of threads are used to make sure that the feeling is matched properly. If there is a die-cut window, then it is not properly cut to perfection, and the edges are a bit organic. Some people attach custom tags with them and print them with personalized messages to augment the feeling. 

Favor boxes are meant for special occasions, and they need to look special if they are to be used properly. So after reading about the innovative designs for these packages, you must have decided on which type you would go for. However, you need to get in touch with your supplier first and tell them about your requirements from the design. It will help you in stepping up in the right direction with your personalized packaging.

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