5 Asian Train Rides that Are Worth Taking

Travelling is a lot of fun as it offers you an opportunity to experience things that you would normally not encounter. You come across a lot of different people, cultures, and traditions. The world has a lot of interesting and spectacular things to offer. To make travelling an enjoyable and learning experience it is important that the trips you undertake are properly planned. Without a plan, the trip can easily become a nightmare.

Choosing the destination is the first step to planning a good and memorable trip. Asia is a great choice because it is a diverse place that has something interesting to offer to everyone. If you are travelling to Asia then you need to find everything you can about the place so that you can make the best of the trip. You need to make a list of the things that you need to try so that you can get the true taste of the place and get to enjoy the best it has to offer.

Asia has great train rides to offer. They offer an opportunity to see the place properly. If you choose to take advantage of Birmingham to Lahore flights then you will be able to get to the destination in little time and then you can find great train rides to other cities and get a chance to see things that you would usually miss if you choose to travel by air.

Here are some of the great train rides in Asia that you should try because they will make sure that you get to enjoy the beauty of the place and have a memorable trip.

Jungle Train, Malaysia:

The train track was originally constructed by the British. The 300-mile track weaves through the lush Malaysian jungle. By taking this incredible train journey you get to see and enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery Asia has to offer. The train service transports passengers along with other things like vegetables, seafood, tea, etc. The twelve-hour overnight trek takes you through beautiful cliffs and surging rivers. You also get to enjoy delicious Malaysian cuisine.

 Eastern & Oriental Express, Singapore:

Singapore is a great holiday destination and the oriental express makes it an even better selection. The orient has beautiful green carriages and it can offer a glamorous and luxurious travelling experience. The train offers private sleeping compartments that make sure that you are able to sleep and rest without any issue.

The train service runs between Singapore’s Woodlands train checkpoint and Hua Lamphong, Bangkok. It offers an opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of both countries. The route of the train service also allows the passengers to enjoy the wondrous beauty of Malaysia. The train service also offers delicious and tasty food to the passengers. It also has open-air observation cars that allow passengers to fully enjoy the beautiful and vibrant surroundings.

The Gonō Railway, Japan:

If you choose Japan as your holiday destination and decide to go to the northern regions then you should book a seat on the Gono Railway immediately. It is not a train ride that you should miss while you are in northern Japan. The beautiful train service goes through the splendid scenery of the country and offers you a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty that you miss if you choose to travel using another means of transportation.

The service provided by the train is designed to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. The trains have dramatic glass windows that offer a view of the surroundings that is extremely rare. It also gives you a chance to try some of the best food that the country has to offer.

Bangkok To Kanchanaburi, Thailand:

The train service offers a three-hour ride that takes the passengers through spectacular town that has a rich and heartbreaking past. It is near to the Death Railway that was constructed by the allied prisoners that were captured during world war two. The route allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty and also get a rich history lesson.

Trans-Mongolian Railway, China:

If you are looking for an extra special trip then you should try taking the trans-Mongolian railway in China. It is perfect for travellers that yearn to explore the lands that are mostly unknown to the world. The railway service follows ancient routes that link Russia and China. You can have the best experience of your life by taking a thirty-hour ride.

The railway begins in Asia and then finishes in another continent offering you a chance to witness and experience so many different cultures and traditions.


These are just some of the great train rides that Asia has to offer. These train rides offer a unique way to enjoy not just the scenery but also the food and culture of the area. They allow to see the country in a whole new perspective.