5 Areas in Your House That You Can Spice Up Using Christmas Lights

One of the happiest memories of people as kids involved decorating the Christmas tree and putting up the Christmas lights. There’s something about those twinkling lights that make them reminisce on their happier times as kids. Those lights make them feel lighter and more content. However, people usually put up Christmas lights in rooms where guests can see them. Those lights can add a little vibe to some rooms that do not get noticed much. If possible, you can even put them up permanently. Most of the Christmas lights that people use are LED lights, anyway. The power consumption is not that much. In fact, it consumes less than an ordinary incandescent lamp. Here are several ideas to improve the mood in some of the rooms in your house.

Basement Movie Lights

A basement is usually a place where people relax and unwind. Some even set up a TV and couch there for a little movie time. Hang up some Christmas lights and add magic to your personal movie theatre. Add some more colours—green and blue to spice up the vibe a bit.

Garden Fairy Lights

If you have a beautiful garden, then nothing beats a nice peaceful walk in the garden at night. The cold, crisp air will have a hypnotic effect if you add some yellow lights that will give a fairy glow. These lights will highlight the beautiful colours of the different flowers. Add a few strands of light blue, and it will genuinely feel like a night out in the woods.

Bathroom Ambience Lights

When you are thinking about the areas to put Christmas lights in, the last one you will probably think about is the bathroom. The fact is, bathrooms are one of the most boring rooms in the house. It is the least decorated room. Maybe you can spice up your shower time by adding a little sparkle. Imagine having the twinkling lights reflected in the running shower. How beautiful will it be?

Bedroom Night Lights

Some people are uncomfortable in the dark. There could be many reasons for this. However, you can quickly solve this by hanging up a single strand of Christmas lights and using them as night lights. The glow of these small LED bulbs is soft enough that your sleep won’t be disturbed much. If white light is too bright for you, try other colours, even red. Studies have shown that using red light in the evening is good for our mental health. That’s because red light is least likely to impact our internal clocks. It also helps increase the production of melatonin, which can affect our sleep positively.

Swimming Pool Lights

Most swimming pools can be pretty dark at night. One thing that you can do is to put up some lights to help illuminate everything by the poolside. Slipping is always a danger during the night swims, and Christmas lights will help prevent these.

It just takes minutes to set up Christmas lights in a room, but the effect can be impressive. These lights will not only improve the room’s environment but also the mood of the people there. It might even change the course of a conversation. Christmas lights remind us of happier times as children. It is no wonder why people want to be children again – a time when all they worried about were the gifts they were getting from Santa Claus.

Ellen Hollington

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