5 Amazing Knitwear Trends Of Autumn/Winter Of 2022-23

Every fashionista understands the necessity of jumping from one trend to another, especially because of changing seasons. From summer/spring floral designs to autumn/winter oversized clothing, trends keep changing and bringing the best to the fashion world. When talking about autumn/winter, all you need is something comfortable, cozy, and stylish. Knitwear is mostly preferred by individuals during autumn/winter, thanks to its soft texture and comfort.

The other advantage that women’s knitwear has is flexibility. Knitwear clothes can be used for a large number of applications as the textile can be resistant to wrinkles and also has great absorption properties. Knitwear outfits are extremely trendy these days. This growth of knitwear trend boosts specifically during the winter season. Let’s take a look at five knitwear trends and winter clothing for women that will help you level up your wardrobe game this winter.

  1. A crew neck sweater

The crew neck sweater trend promotes simplicity on a large scale. To match the autumn season, you can also opt for different shades of oranges or warm earth tones. These sweaters also help you maintain the overall aesthetics of your look. Materials like wool and cotton are used to design these sweaters and ensure maximum comfort. These materials are one of the reasons that make the sweater last for a long time. You can pair these sweaters with a trouser of your choice to complete the overall look. You can also opt for velvet-based or geometry-based sweater designs which are in trend these days.

  • Knitted dress or gown

The dresses and work knitwear is worn on business or formal occasions are quite uncomfortable. However, designers have started incorporating new knitted dresses and gown designs to make the dresses more comfortable, warm, and flexible. Knitted dresses are proven to be a great fit for business meetings, especially if you opt for knitted dresses that are made of finely polished yarn. You can also opt for different kinds of sleeves here.

For example, off-the-shoulder dresses in different shoulder designs, oversized statement sleeves, and so on. Apart from business meetings, you can also wear these dresses at a party or any other event. You can also wear knitted or net-based socks along with this dress. The elegant designs of these dresses are something that makes them popular.

  • Cardigans

The popularity of a cardigan is also on a rise these days. You can opt for different types of cardigans which range from cropped cardigans to slim fitted cardigans. Cardigans comprising different textured designs are also available in a huge variety.

 They provide excellent layering properties to your outfit. Another type of cardigan gaining huge popularity recently is the collared cardigan. You can opt for a relaxed appearance by pairing your cardigan with a belt. Beige and nude are the most preferred choices of color that people opt for when buying a cardigan. You can pair your cardigans with denim or satin pants. Shorter cardigans are preferred more when you have to pair them with jeans or dresses.

  • Sweater vest

You can wear the sweater vest for any kind of occasion be it formal or casual. They provide elegant layering options. These also give a cozy vibe and can be worn during the day or night. Many design options are available in sweater vests, and you can choose the one that best fits the autumn or winter season.

The sweater vests are usually paired with leggings or long skirts. However, you can also pair them with denim pants. They will help your overall look to appear more straightforward. These sweater vests are usually available in one color. However, you can choose from the wide variety of designs and patterns available.

  • Poncho

A poncho will enhance your look in a significant way, specifically if you are opting for a look that goes well with a shawl or a cape. It also goes well with the over-the-head look. Here, there are simple pieces available, including the cropped shapes that complete the outfit. The poncho is widely known for its simplicity.

This is because it is like a scarf plus a shirt that comprises a hole through which the neck passes. The kaleidoscope patterns are quite famous when it comes to poncho. Another famous type of poncho is the cropped poncho, which makes it appear and feel like a turtleneck. You can pair these with trousers or regular pants.

The market of women’s clothing apparel never falls short of trendy winter knitwear. You can wear the above-mentioned knitwear for both formal and casual occasions. However, you need to keep their designs and styles in line with the event. You can easily get this mentioned knitwear, such as Merino Knitwear in Australia, through various online shopping websites.