5 Amazing Corded Phones to Buy in USA

Despite the increasing demand for smartphones and tablets, many people still prefer using corded phones in their offices and home. They are the best choice to use as they do not offer a bad signal problem and are convenient to use when you are relaxing on a sofa. These phones are integrated with the latest technologies, such as DECT, enlarge buttons or quick dials. Some landline phones are integrated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or internet calling, thus get handy to chat with family and friends. They can be used abroad by using a broadband connection. After detailed research, we have selected five amazing corded phones for you to buy in the USA.

Cortelco Single-Line Caller ID Business Telephone

These stylish single-line Caller ID business telephones are the best choice to buy for your personal and professional use. They are integrated with a 2.5 mm headset jack. They can be placed on the table or can be wall-mounted up to your convenience. The LCD is adjustable with a wide-angle to make numbers and names visible. They are integrated with a large phonebook that can save up to 99 names and numbers. They can be adjusted with volume controls of 8 levels. They are manufactured with three language integration, such as English/French and Spanish. They work on a 7.5V DC adaptor.

Cortelco 9 Series Multi-Feature Speaker Telephone

These are specially designed for office use. They are high-performance Cortelco landline phones in black and grey color. They are integrated with numerous dialing button that makes your communications easier like never before. They are built-in with 99 caller ID memory. They provide you the choice of three languages like English/ Spanish and French. They are built with a line blue backlit display. You can hear voice messages, mute, or hold the calls. They are manufactured with 20-speed dial locations with one touch. They have call waiting off button and end call button. They can be used to conference with other phones. You can adjust the volume according to your choice with speaker volume and handset volume control.

Cortelco 7 Series Line Powered Caller Id Telephone

 You can buy corded phones in the USA at an affordable rate. These are reliable and sturdy in construction, which ensures long-lasting performance. A clean design makes it easier to place them on any counter or wall. The highly adjustable wide-angle LCD display allows you to view the name, number, and time of the incoming calls at a glance. They are featured with LED indicators for different functions like mute or hold. They are enhanced with redialing of the last ten numbers. The sound level can be adjusted according to your listening requirements. They are integrated with an extensive directory that can save up to 99 names and numbers. They do not require any battery or AC adaptor. They are mountable or can be placed at a counter.

Cortelco 7 Series 4-Line Telephone w Built-In Auto Attendant and Voice Mail

Cortelco 7 Series 4 line telephone with built-in auto attendant and voice mail are the best choice to enjoy clear conversations. They are expandable to 4 lines and 16 stations. They can store up to the message of a total length of 30 minutes. They are built-in with eight selectable greetings. They can store up to 40 names and numbers in the Caller ID directory, which is a limited quantity. 

They are fully featured with intercom and can be used for a 3-way call conference. The large Backlit liquid Crystal display clearly shows the number and names of the callers. They are integrated with a hearing aid compatible and can be desk or wall mountable.

Cortelco Colleague 2-Line EN BK Telephone

 These landline phones are manufactured by the audio professional to make them the best choice for reliable communications. These are two-line telephone and are integrated with call waiting, whereas Caller ID identifies incoming calls quickly. The LCD screen is adjustable to your view. They have indicators for hold and flash key to transfer calls. They are featured with tone control and can be used for conference phones.