5 Affordable Ways to Make your Home Look Expensive

If you’ve always had an expensive looking home but don’t have the budget yet, you don’t have to wait until the next year or the next decade to save up for your home renovation glam plan. You can give your home a fresh and high-end look right now without breaking the bank with these easy and affordable ideas.

  1. Creating Styled Vignettes

Dead spaces in a room can look elegant by adding vignettes. You can do this technique by arranging items carefully. Some areas that can be improved by vignettes are coffee tables, bookshelves, and console tables. It’s easy to do. You can simply arrange items in symmetry to achieve balance. Another trick is to arrange pieces of décor in threes or fives.


  1. Installing a video wall

A video wall installed in your living can be the focal point or life of the party. You can entertain gamer guests with it. The large LED or LCD screen and the high definition alone are enough to wow them that they won’t want to see the rest of your house. The cost of video walls has considerably one down over the years so most homeowners can easily purchase them. They can also double as artwork as they can be used to display beautiful images the whole day and they don’t consume much power.


  1. Using antiques to accentuate the space

You may have some old furniture from your parents or grandparents that are just collecting dust. You can make us of those as they can make a comeback to decorate or accessorize your home. You can easily combine them with modern artwork or furniture to give your living space a touch of elegance and add a sense of history. Some antiques don’t come cheap so cherish those pieces from the past as those hand-me-downs have just saved you money. If you have the patience you can look for these in flea markets or garage sales. You may need to spend or restore it if you want it to look shiny and elegant.


  1. Don’t forget the rug

Rugs draw the eye to them and add warmth, a pop of color and texture to an otherwise plain-looking area of your home. It can define a space or give a cohesive look. To give your home a touch of elegance here are some ways to use area rugs.

  • Use a plain colored-rug if you want to tone down a bit rooms that have patterned wallpaper or have upholstery
  • Differently sized rugs can add contrast or variety to a space
  • Choose rugs that complement your décor to create harmony
  • Large spaces that need definition can benefit from adding rugs to the decor


  1. Layered lighting concept


It is probably the most important design concept that can give elegance to your home but it is also one of the most overlooked. You can light up a dark room by adding overhead lighting fixtures. You can also illuminate a space by having light sources that can come from different angles.



Whether you’re planning on selling your house or just want an updated look for your home, with these easy to follow renovation tips you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have an expensive-looking home.