5 Advantages Of Using Picktime As Your Medical Scheduling Software

Every medical office faces the challenge of blowing out the scheduling woes and cutting down the long ques of patients in the front office! At the end of the day, all you need is taking care of your patients and creating a friendly clean atmosphere when they step into your clinic. Whether you’re a solo-practitioner or working with a group of physicians, all you need is a well-organized administration that helps you run your clinic as smooth as butter.

Pen, paper, and spreadsheets are not effective ways to schedule your patient appointments and run your medical practice. If you want to grow your medical practice, you’ll need to stray from your current manual processes and find a software that can scale and work in harmony with your service goals.

Think about it, let us say you hired a receptionist, often at low pay, spending the entire working hours for fixing all your patient appointments, answering their calls and noting down the details manually! Can you assure me that all the details and appointments are accurate enough? On the other hand, what if your patient wants to reschedule their appointment for the next week? Your receptionist gets close to tears finding ways to fix the gaps or any inaccuracies when he needs to reschedule or find out about a particular appointment! accidental double bookings or no shows or late runs set ripples to your entire day leaving you frustrated or open for extra hours to fix the issues.

There comes a point where you need to automate! When you set up the right booking automation, you can avoid countless hours of surfing spreadsheets or flipping pages on your logbooks. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for you and your staff to cut off all your scheduling woes.

Time-saving features include:

Self Sign-Up – Once you signup with Picktime, you are all set to use your Google or Outlook calendars to sync your personal day-offs and cut off all the important dates for an entire year. Create your booking page that has color-coded appointments with details of each and every patient that you need to see at that moment. Just take quick glances at your entire day or week or even a month, every morning to set goals to your day. If you gotta a surgery or an emergency, simply cancel or reschedule your entire within minutes seamlessly.

Online Bookings – Online presence plays an important role in your medical practice. The more comfort you are willing to provide to your tech-savvy patients the more patient inflow can be generated. Let your patients book an appointment with you right from their laptops or smartphones or tablets any time, any day! This shows that you actually care for your patients. That’s a win-win!

Instant Cancellations or reschedules:

Worry less about your cancellations or gaps that you need to fill between the appointments! Once a patient cancels his appointment, the booking page automatically shows that the slot is open, making it possible for another patient to grab the opportunity. Patients can also reschedule their appointments even after confirmation with ease. Even you could do that with the easy drag and drop option available on Picktime.

Automatic Waiting List – Know who’s waiting at your door for an appointment through our user-friendly scheduling software. Just create an extra slot (only if you’re willing to) for all such patients.

Automated reminders- We know the pain and chills that no shows or last-minute cancellations give you! Take the load off your shoulders by using Picktime. Send automated SMS/email reminders as a confirmation or notification prior to the appointment so that your patients get reminded about their upcoming bookings. Reduced no shows and late runs can boost up your revenue and productive time. Make every appointment count!

Generating reports:

When it comes to the health of your business, do you feel like you’re shooting in the dark? Do you lack the information you need to make informed decisions? To improve your medical practices, you need instant access to accurate information:
How many trustworthy patients do you have right this minute?
How many patients do you lose each month?
How much revenue do you generate at your facility each month?

There are simple answers for each of these questions when you go through your monthly or weekly reports within minutes. Dig deep into the reports to know where you need improvements and changes so that your practice develops rapidly.

Every medical practice deserves a chance to improve revenue and patient inflow. Win every patient’s heart and gain their trust with medical scheduling software Picktime at your fingertips!

It’s simple to use, easy to access and available round the clock, throughout the year absolutely free of cost! Sign up, NOW!

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