5 ADU Faqs You Need To Know

Building an ADU can be an incredible investment for you and your family. With new ADU laws coming in 2023, it is now easier than ever to start developing the ADU of your dreams. Before you do though, you should be aware of these 5 ADU Faqs.

1. Garage Conversions True Costs

Many believe that garage conversions are always the most affordable ADU to build. However, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, if your garage’s foundation or primary structure is starting to fail, it can cost more to fix those components than it would to build a detached ADU.

 Also, even though garage conversions are typically the most affordable, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still rather expensive costing on average $90,000 – $119,000.

2. Building ADUs & JADUs

There is a big misconception that if you build an ADU, you cannot build a JADU on your property in addition to it. However, this is not true. You can build both an ADU and a JADU on your property as long as you comply with the owner occupancy requirements of a JADU.

3. Selling An ADU Without A House

Since ADUs are on the same plot of land as a primary dwelling, they cannot be sold separately. You can rent the ADU, but not sell it. Keep this in mind when determining if you would rather build an ADU or an SB9.

4. No Minimum Lot Size

There are no minimum lot size regulations for building an ADU. The only things that can prevent you from doing so are your local zoning requirements and whether your plot can support an ADU of at least 150 square feet. If it cannot, you can still consider building an internal ADU or garage conversion.

5. ADUs Boost Property Value

Developing an ADU on your property can boost your property value by 30%. This can be extremely beneficial if you are looking to sell your property in the future. Plus, you can rent the unit out in the meantime to pay off the expenses of developing it. Essentially, the unit can pay for itself and then increase your resale value.

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