5 Accommodation types for Indian Students studying in the UK.

London has always been the number one choice when it comes to studying in UK. While all international students are aware of the academic standards of the city, few are aware of the options available when it comes to finding student accommodation in London.

For students on any budget, London offers a home for all interests. But how to find Indian student accommodation in the UK? What is the best UK university accommodation to choose if a student decides to stay at university? To find answers to all your questions, read on.

The benefit of living in the UK is the wide variety of student accommodation in London. Students can choose their comfort and privacy based on the money budget. As such, London offers four types of UK accommodation for international students, namely:

  • university classrooms
  • private student residences
  • Host family
  • private apartments

University classrooms

This is one of the most popular forms of housing that most freshmen who come to study in UK choose. Here the students have their own rooms, but they have to share some rooms, such as the kitchen, the bathroom or other shared spaces.

This type of accommodation is particularly suitable for first-year students. Living in a student residence at the start of your academic year is best, as it allows you to get to know your classmates and explore London together. Discover new cuisines, shop together and mingle with other students.

Private student residences

Private student residences function as student residences. The main difference is that private companies take over the dormitories, not the university. Unlike dorms, students in private dorms have more privacy. The former can even choose who to share the room with.

Again students have to share rooms like the kitchen etc. Apart from this, students can also have their own private rooms for gardening etc.

Host family

As we all know, homestay means sharing a room with a family. This has proven to be a good option, especially for students who are new to the country or looking to save more on student accommodation in the UK.

Here you can pay affordable rent and the family will take care of your belongings, and provide you with food and any other specific needs. For those new to London, staying with a local family can help you learn more about the city and life there.

Private apartments

Private apartments are one of the most common forms of accommodation, especially among international students who choose to study in UK. Students who want to live independently choose this type of accommodation. Once students become familiar with the London lifestyle, living alone in the city becomes one of their options.

Here students can choose the area they live in, have a private room for themselves, etc. The majority of students considering private accommodation are mainly in second year.

How to Find Accommodation in the UK?

Now you know the different types of accommodation in the UK for international students. But with so many real estate options available, how can you find the perfect property that fits your interests? Here are four ways to find suitable accommodation in the UK for Indian students:

  • Web sites
  • university email
  • agencies
  • Word of Mouth


There are several websites online that can help you find good student accommodation in the UK. To name a few:

Spare Room – To help find private accommodation options

GumTree: to help find accommodation and furniture for rent

Facebook Marketplace: To find rooms available for sharing or private accommodation options, etc.

University Email

If you decide to stay in a residence or student residence, you will receive information about the university of your choice by email. To find out more, it is best to contact the faculty team at your university.


Agencies are one of the most popular ways to find student accommodation in London. Though they charge high fees for their service, the former offers good hosting options from the list.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is another practical way to find the right accommodation in London. Talk to your classmates or an older person who knows about accommodation options in London. Their advice can help you decide on budget accommodation faster.

Reasons to Check While Finding a Stay in UK

Now that you have the list of home types to choose from and how to find them, let’s get to work. Before paying for student accommodation in the UK, there are a few tips to keep in mind before making a purchase. Here are the top 5 that need your attention:

  • Good location
  • convenience
  • Meet your needs
  • To deposit
  • Report

Good location

Before you decide to live in a student residence in London, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Is this place safe?
  • What is the crime rate in this place?
  • How far is this place from your university?
  • How are the neighbours here?
  • Is this location easily accessible to find the nearest supermarket or transport?
  • Is there a medical centre near this place? etc.


The next factor to consider is whether the accommodation fits your budget. While everyone likes to live in a spacious house, not all students can afford it. There are several ways to determine your financial standing, for example:

  • Make sure the requested rent matches your offer
  • Check if you have other bills to pay, such as water bills, etc.
  • Write down your monthly expenses and the rent you have to pay to see if you can survive here
  • Check other budget accommodation and compare prices
  • It’s okay to pay a little more in case you find secure hosting for yourself, etc.

Meet your needs

The next step to check is whether the accommodation you have chosen meets your needs. When looking for accommodation, you will want your new UK student accommodation to have a number of things, such as:

  • well kept house
  • The size of the room
  • Furnished (optional)
  • affordable rent
  • No additional or hidden costs
  • Easy paperwork process
  • kind owner
  • good neighbours
  • easy travel option
  • Accept pets etc.


A security deposit is required, especially if you are staying in a London student residence. Rental Deposit Protection requires landlords to let you know the location of the deposit within 30 days. This gives you peace of mind that your deposit is safe.


In addition to all of the above, you should do your research before moving to a new location in London. The best way to do this is:

  • Talk to locals nearby
  • Ask your classmates about the area.
  • Explore region details online
  • Talk to elders who may have stayed in the same area, etc.

Cost of Accomodation

There are two ways of calculating the cost of accommodation in the UK for international students, off-campus accommodation and on-campus accommodation.

Depending on where the student prefers to live, the cost of student accommodation in London will vary accordingly. Here is a detailed list:

  • Costs of student accommodation on campus
  • Costs of off-campus student accommodation

Costs of student accommodation on campus

The university provides most of the accommodation on campus, e.g. B. Student Residences. Here are the costs involved.

University NameAverage Cost
Coventry University£400- £600/month (inclusive of all bills)
University of Sussex£513-£764/month
York University£99-£206/weekly
Imperial College of London£907/month
University of Southampton£540/month

Off-Campus Accommodation

The average cost to stay in off-campus locations is mentioned below.

Area NameAverage Cost
Manchester£148.66/per 41 weeks
Coventry£320- £530/month
Brighton (University of Sussex)£556- £715/month
South Kensington (Imperial College of London)£872/month

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