4 Ways You Can Travel Without Going Broke

Traveling to other countries can be burdensome if not planned right. It could put you in piles of debt and could stress you out later on. Although true, those circumstances should not be the case when we talk about traveling.

Traveling should be easy, rewarding, and stress-free. It should give you an escape from all of your worries. Getting around places should not stress you out, even from a financial viewpoint.

In case you didn’t know, there are ways to travel without going broke. We have listed down below a few things you can do to avoid breaking the bank while having fun achieving your ideal travel plans.

Set a goal and save up

There is no shortcut to this. The first thing you have to do is to save up for your dream vacation.

You need to set a goal. Plan out how much money you will need for your travel, and when you want to travel. That way, you will know how much money you need to save up for your upcoming trip.

Since your goal will largely depend on your destination, search online for possible expenses that you will probably need to spend on while traveling. List all of them down, including the cost for plane tickets and accommodations.

Plane tickets are usually the most expensive item on your list. However, you can also keep this expense at a minimum by availing to early booking promos. Hence, if you already have a date in mind, consider booking ahead to save on airfare.

Another thing you can do to save up is cutting down on your spendings. Perhaps, you can prepare your own meals and coffee instead of regularly visiting your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. It would help if you also tried to keep your shopping costs low. Try to shop only for essentials and necessities and avoid spending on luxuries.

Additionally, you can also sell your preloved belongings and save profits. Declutter your home and sell off those things you don’t need or use, which can still be useful for others. Not only are you saving up money, but you’re also doing yourself a favor by freeing up space in your home.

Get your credit card ready

No matter how much money you have set aside for the trip, there are expenses along the way that may incur unexpectedly. You do not want to be penniless in a foreign country. Hence, to avoid such a situation, it would help if you get yourself a credit card beforehand.

When getting a credit card, make sure it does not charge international fees. Choose cards that do not require annual fees.

With a credit card, you can avoid ruining your budget due to unnecessary or unexpected expenses during your trip. Your credit card could take the hit for the time being. You only have to be careful not to overspend using the card.

Work remotely

Working from afar is the ideal set-up when you want to travel without going broke, allowing you not to sacrifice your job or career. You don’t have to leave your job, because basically, you can still work remotely. With a job like this, you can travel without having to worry about going broke.

You can ask your boss to allow you to work remotely. Assure them that you can work just fine even from afar. You only need to prove that you can be productive even outside of the office.

Take note, however, that remote work is a huge responsibility. It won’t be easy to do work in a fascinating foreign country. Hence, you should also develop the discipline to work and meet up your employer’s expectations when traveling.

If necessary, get a vacation loan that you can afford

If the money you saved up may not be enough, you should not be discouraged about traveling. You can still push through with your travel plans by taking out a vacation loan with minimal interest rates.

If in case you lost track of your budget days before your travel or while traveling, you don’t need to cancel your plans. You can still opt to apply for fast online loans, like Nifty loans, to solve your problem.

Contrary to what others think, getting a personal loan for your travel is not entirely a bad idea. You only have to be a responsible adult when taking out loans. Before getting them, plan out how you will be able to pay them. You should not feel guilty about taking out a loan for your travel as long as you can pay the loan later.


Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, this leisure should not prevent us from being financially smart. Whenever we travel, we should not constantly worry about going broke, and enjoy the trip to the fullest. With the tips mentioned above in mind, you should be able to plan your trip without stressing yourself on financial matters.