4 Ways to Update Your Traditional Kitchen with Modern and Sliding Door Sideboard

Sliding glass doors have an elegant and subtle aesthetic that’s perfect for any living space. A sliding door sideboard is a great way to subtly incorporate this look into your home without sacrificing necessary storage space. Instead of having a clunky sideboard taking up precious floor space, you can simply slide open the glass door on the sideboard to easily access your dining room table or kitchen cabinets. You don’t need to stop with just one sliding door in your home. Think about how many areas of your house could benefit from having a discreet sliding door for easier access. Here are some ideas for where you could incorporate modern sideboard into your home.

The Entryway

You may not think of your entryway as needing any improvement, but by adding a discreet sliding door, you can add functionality and style to this room. Instead of having a coat hook or a stand for your shoes, you can have a door that hides away all your shoes, umbrellas, and bags. You can also create a hidden laundry room behind a sliding door. If you have a small space, you may not have room for a full-blown laundry closet. Hiding your laundry room behind a sliding door is a great way to save space and keep your living space looking neat and organized.

Bathroom Vanity Area

Have you ever been brushing your teeth and realized you forgot to put your hairbrush back in your bathroom? By adding a discreet modern sideboard to the bathroom vanity area, you can make it super simple to store all of your daily essentials. You can also use a sliding door to create a linen closet out of your bathroom vanity area. This is a great way to make full use of space in a small bathroom. If you’re concerned about sound, you can easily add soundproofing materials to your sliding door to ensure your bathroom items stay hidden but your noise stays out.

Bedroom Closet

If you have a spacious walk-in closet, you’ve likely already maximized its potential. However, if you’re short on floor space or simply prefer to have your clothes on display in other parts of the home, adding a sliding door to your bedroom closet is a great way to make more efficient use of your closet. By adding a sliding door to your bedroom closet, you can create a hidden mini closet behind your bedroom door. This is a great place to store seasonal clothing, off-season clothing, and items that you don’t want to display in the living areas of your home.

Dining Room and Kitchen Access

If you have a dining room table in your home, adding a discreet sliding door to this space is a great way to add function while also improving aesthetics. This way, you can easily bring dishes from the kitchen and store them in the dining room table drawers instead of having them cluttering up your countertops. In addition to storing your dining room table accessories and dishes, you can also add a door that leads directly into your kitchen. This is a great way to avoid running back and forth between rooms when you need something. Simply open the door and you’ll have easy access to everything you need.


A sliding door is an elegant way to access your kitchen cabinets and dining room table. A discreet sliding door is the perfect way to add function and style to any room in your home without sacrificing necessary storage space. You can choose to add a sliding door to your dining room table, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity area, bedroom closet, or even lead directly into your kitchen.