4 Ways to Take Advantage of Solar Energy!

The world is steadily moving toward a cleaner and more accessible source of energy — Solar Energy. After all, it is one of the simplest forms of renewable energy available. Wondering how solar energy works? The technology essentially requires collecting the usable energy generated by the sun and turning it into electric energy! Such simplicity is powered by solar photovoltaic systems that efficiently convert sunlight into usable electricity. But how can one make the most of solar energy? Well, citizens can always begin harnessing solar power by using the user-friendly and versatile solar generators by Jackery, like the Solar Generator 2000 Pro. 

Besides solar generators, there are several other ways citizens can leverage the power of the sun. Let’s discuss them all, shall we?

Four Common Ways to Take Advantage of Solar Energy

Solar energy is highly efficient in powering modern-day appliances. How can citizens make the most out of this opportunity? We have shortlisted the four most effective ways to take advantage of solar energy. Let’s dive deeper.

1. Portable Solar Generators

The spike in the number of citizens buying portable solar generators shows how people rely on clean energy, even on the go. Portable solar generators require very little maintenance as most of them are built to last a long time. They are all made from solid materials and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Portable solar generators can help citizens save a lot of money as they reduce the need for fuel (gasoline), release zero carbon emissions, make a low noise, and are generally low maintenance. Most importantly, portable solar generators can power almost many electric appliances as long as their wattage is large enough. For example, Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro can power 99% of outdoor devices. Since the design is very compact, portable solar generators take a very small space and can be easily carried anywhere.

2. Roof Solar Panels

Another excellent way to harness solar energy is by using roof solar panels. They are more expensive options than portable solar generators. Roof solar panels consist of horizontal PV panels that contain photovoltaic cells. The panels are connected to the battery that powers the appliances. The amount of electricity produced is proportional to the size and number of PV panels. In other words, the amount of power produced depends entirely on your budget.

3. Solar Power EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles have a broad impact on the automotive industry across the world. To support the implication, public and private stakeholders are investing heavily in creating a widespread and strong mesh of solar power EV charging stations. These EV charging stations make a brilliant use case of solar energy as these ensure citizens use a cleaner energy source, unlike regular electricity produced from burning fuel.

4. Solar Power Street Lighting

Streetlights can be powered by solar energy too. This can be done by coupling street lights with horizontal PV panels and rechargeable batteries. The panels are mostly mounted on top of the lighting pole, which also contains light sensors. Solar power street lighting systems are independent of the utility grid, and their operating cost is significantly lower than traditional street lights. However, these environment-friendly lighting solutions require a lot of maintenance which raises their investment.

Presenting Jackery’s Solar Generators

Now that the readers are well-acquainted with what solar generators can achieve for them, it’s time we discuss the best solar generator in the market — Jackery Solar Generators. Jackery realizes the needs and wants of the regular customer and has launched three professional-grade solar generators — Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro, and Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro. These solar generators come with different configurations and power-generation abilities — providing customers with the best bang for their budget. We highly recommend readers consider the best-in-class solar generators and experience products and services of the highest quality. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about what Jackery Solar Generators have to offer.

Why Choose Jackery’s Solar Generators?

The benefits of using Jackery Solar Generators (1000 Pro, 2000 Pro, and 3000 Pro) are quite significant. Let’s discuss the main benefits of using them over other similar products.

1. Reliability

Jackery stands for reliability. Its production line ensures the highest quality and gives great attention to detail. When using solar generators outdoors, the very first question that comes to a customer’s mind is about the product’s reliability. Will it stand the test of nature? Jackery produces solar generators that are equipped with a high-capacity battery. These come with highly advanced features and are reliable enough to power the appliances you need on an RV or van!

2. Ease of Use

Are the products easy to use? Solar generators can always be made more powerful and rugged. With a thoughtful choice of material, solar generators can be designed to withstand the forces of nature. But can everyone use solar generators easily? 

Jackery realized the demand for easy-to-use solar generators, which reflects in their line of solar generators and other products. Jackery’s Solar Generators offer plug-and-play operation, allowing customers to pair Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels with Explorer Portable Power Station in a matter of seconds! Here is the list of ports available across Jackery Solar Generators —

  • AC Output
  • USB-A Output
  • USB-C Output
  • Car 12V Output
  • AC Input
  • DC Input

3. Lightweight and Portable

It is essential for solar generators to be not only reliable and user-friendly but also easily portable. Without portability, the benefits of uninterrupted power supply become null and void. Customers demand solar generators that can be carried effortlessly, and it is imperative that this need is met. Jackery’s Solar Generators are designed to be used outdoors. Hence, portability was a priority during their development. Customers can effortlessly carry around Jackery Solar Generators and use them for all outdoor activities or even enjoy an off-grid living experience. 

4. Cost Efficient

Jackery Solar Generators are ticking all the right boxes, aren’t they? But are they cost-efficient too? Customers will always compare product prices before reaching the final purchasing decision. After all, it’s about spending their hard-earned money! Don’t sweat it — Jackery Solar Generators are known for offering excellent value for money. The best thing about them is that they make a wide range of product sizes available for customers with different budgets. 

5. Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency matters, especially when the user wants the solar generator to work in off-grid areas. This is why Jackery made sure the SolarSaga Solar Panels are designed to provide the highest efficiency. Jackery Solar Generators 3000Pro, 2000 Pro, and 1000 Pro come with Solarsaga 200W solar panels that reach a high solar conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%, and this has made it available to absorb maximum solar energy in relatively less time. 

6. Applications

Which appliances can one power using Jackery Solar Generators? Here’s a list of appliances that support Jackery Solar Generators —

  • Mini Cooler (90W)
  • Blender (300W)
  • Coffee Maker (1120W)
  • Electric Drill (900W)
  • Hot Plate (2300W)
  • Air Conditioner (1150W)
  • Refrigerator (520W)
  • Ice Shaver (700W)
  • Mini Fridge (90W)
  • CPAP (10W)
  • Television (60W)
  • Microwave Oven (700W)
  • Tower Fan (45W)

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The applications of Jackery Solar Generators are practically endless. Discovering new applications for solar generators makes using them all the more exciting!

Comparing the Four Approaches to Using Solar Energy

Now that we have discussed the four ways to approach solar energy, which solution should folks go for? To answer that, it’s important we compare them and reach a solid conclusion. 

Portable Solar Generators Vs. Roof Solar Panels

Usage is a significant factor when comparing solar generators and solar systems. Most solar generators are designed for portability – this means one can easily bring a solar generator on the go, especially if multiple portable applications are to be powered. Roof solar panels, on the other hand, do not resonate with portability since these are permanent installations. Indeed, you can build them up on your RV or car, or boat to make the systems portable. But, once installed, it will consume time, money, and labour to re-install them anywhere else.

Taking battery capacity into consideration, one might say solar generators come with a small battery. After all, solar generators need to be portable. But no need to worry – there are also premium choices of solar generators which reach a balance between battery capacity and portability. Roof solar panels, however, don’t need to care about this issue. The system can be attached to multiple batteries to ensure adequate battery backup. 

What about the initial investment? Budget is an important factor when choosing between solar generators and roof solar panels. Solar generators with low wattage can be bought for several hundred dollars. High-wattage solar generators can easily cost $1,000 or more. Traditional solar systems will include installation charges, making them more expensive.

Moreover, roof solar panels require regular inspection to ensure their smooth functioning. The roof solar panels will need to be replaced in case of cracks or other issues. Solar generators are small and easier to maintain.

Portable Solar Generators Vs. Solar Power EV Charging Stations

This is for readers that own electric cars. While electric charging stations do a good job of charging the batteries, considering solar generators wouldn’t be a bad decision. 

First, portable Solar Generators can charge a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops, small appliances, and some electric vehicles, depending on the power output and connectors available, while solar power EV charging stations are specifically designed to charge electric vehicles with compatible charging ports, delivering the required voltage and current for efficient and safe charging.

Also, portable solar generators offer a range of power outputs, typically measured in watts or kilowatts, capable of charging small devices, running appliances, or supporting limited power needs. Solar power EV charging stations are designed to deliver higher power outputs measured in kilowatts.

Portable Solar Generators Vs. Solar Power Street Lighting

The solar-powered street lighting systems have become quite popular. However, it’s important for everyone to learn about their disadvantages. Here are some of the most crucial drawbacks of using solar power street lighting —

  • These require a huge initial investment, at least higher than that of portable solar generators. Indeed, solar power street lighting comes with long-term benefits and long life cycles. But, the high cost of installation drives potential customers away. 
  • Solar power street lighting systems are generally non-wired. Being in the open, these run the risk of being stolen. Since solar power street lights have a significant monetary value, they might get stolen.
  • Most solar power street lighting systems are installed in the open. This makes snow, dust, and moisture settle on top of the horizontal PV panels and hinders solar light absorption and power generation. Portable solar generators can be moved to a safer place in case of extreme weather conditions. But not a solar power street lighting system.
  • The cost of inspection, battery replacement, and other damages only add up to the lifetime cost of owning a solar power street lighting system. Portable solar generators, on the other hand, come with a one-time investment.


Jackery is a leading global brand that develops green energy solutions. The company is known for launching the world’s first outdoor portable power stations and portable solar panels. Now with Jackery Solar Generators, one can fuel their nature-loving spirit and get inspired to explore extraordinary experiences. Jackery produces a wide range of solar generators that are reliable, easy to use, lightweight, cost-efficient, and power efficient. Solar generators by Jackery can certainly be a worthwhile investment as these provide clean and renewable solar energy for home, RV life, and outdoors — helping customers lower their carbon footprints and make sustainable life choices. Stay tuned to learn more about Jackery’s upcoming products and events.