4 Ways To Relax and Recharge Away From Work

All work and no play can lead to serious burnout. Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, it’s important to relax and refresh yourself away from the daily grind. Here are four ways to reduce stress and recharge when you’re not at work.


Although many of us feel driven to stay connected during every waking moment, it’s often wiser to unplug from time to time. Checking your business emails from home can keep your mind in “work mode,” and it may be difficult to decompress. If this is the case for you, take an honest look at whether you need to be accessible to your colleagues and clients all day, every day. If you find that you really don’t, then make the choice to disconnect. Turn off your email alerts, and let your phone go to voicemail. If it’s something truly urgent, then you can respond. You’ll probably notice that a lot of stress can be eliminated by maintaining a boundary between work time and home time.


While you may be tempted just to park yourself on the couch until bedtime, moving around can be an excellent way to reduce tension that may have built up throughout the day. Stopping for a workout on the way home may help you transition from work mode to home mode, but having a gym membership isn’t the only way to get in some exercise. If you’re into running you can hit the track at your local high school, or if walking is more your speed then just take a stroll through your neighborhood. Diving into your pool can also be an excellent way to move your body while calming your mind. If you don’t already have a pool at home, search for pool builders near me to find a design that will meet your taste and your budget.


Instead of stopping for takeout or ordering in, consider making a home-cooked meal a few nights a week. Cooking encourages you to focus solely on the task at hand, making it easier to shut out the worries of the day. While being stressed can often dull your senses, cooking can reawaken them and make you feel revitalized. Preparing food for your family also a way to strengthen your connection to them, and many experts suggest that nurturing others is a key way to nurture yourself. If all that isn’t enough, remember that making your own meals can also be a healthier option than following a fast-food diet. Studies suggest that when your body feels better, it’s often easier for your mind to release daily stress.


For some, letting go of the troubles of the workday is best done by looking inward. Taking time to journal each evening is a way to explore problems and challenges, and to evaluate whether what’s on your mind is worth worrying about or can simply be recorded and let go. Concerns that seem huge while looming in your mind often appear much more manageable when you get them down on paper. Writing can help bring issues into focus and make it easier to brainstorm solutions to your problems. If nothing else, using a journal can provide you with a way to, quite literally, close the book on each day, leaving you free to relax.

By engaging in one or more of these activities, you’ll likely find it easier to release the stress of your workday and have more enjoyable evenings at home. Whether you release the day by disconnecting, exercising, cooking, journaling or through some other process, you’ll probably find yourself more refreshed and relaxed at the end of each day.