4 Types Of Treadmills Explained

The treadmill is the widely used gymnasium equipment and it is a versatile cardiovascular machine. Except for the versatility of the treadmill, it helps in losing weight and you can shed kilos of your body weight by high-intensity exercise and running on the treadmill.

Treadmills help in boosting the activity of body cells that carry oxygen and it also keeps the heart rate to a healthy level. Running on the treadmill can burn more and more calories moreover improves the brain functioning

Treadmills also help in strengthening your muscles and reduce the risks of chronic heart diseases by performing different exercises on the treadmill.

Treadmills are versatile and have many latest functions that are easy to operate and people can use them in the home gyms as well.

Top 4 types of treadmills


The first type of treadmill that helps you in losing weight and strengthening muscles is the Manual treadmill as these treadmills are easy to use and they do not require electricity for their operation.

By walking and running on manual treadmills, you can easily operate these treadmills because the belt will move only when you start walking or running on them.

These treadmills help you to build your strength and speed even If you are a beginner, then use a manual treadmill because the chances of getting hurt and having an injury are fewer in manual treadmills.

Manual treadmills have rubber handles that you can hold while the workout and you can also stop the belt by using these handles and exerting pressure on the belt. The belt will slow down and eventually stops moving.


The size of manual treadmills varies according to the space where it is placed. The small size treadmill has a length of approximately 40 inches and a width of 20 inches. The height of these treadmills may vary from 42 to 45 inches.

The large size treadmill has a length of 50 inches and a width of 25 inches. The height will be 48 inches or more and before choosing the size of the treadmill, measure the space of the room where it is going to be placed.


A manual treadmill is available at an affordable price and It may be one of its features. It is lightweight moreover you can place it in any room as it takes very small space in the rooms.

Due to the no use of electricity these treadmills can also be placed in the garden and porch if you want to work out in the fresh air.

Except for these features, manual treadmills also strengthen your muscles because you’re operating the treadmill yourself, and as well as these treadmills require minimal maintenance.


Electric treadmills require electricity for their operation because these treadmills contain a motor that works with power. These treadmills are generally heavier and large in size and are difficult to move from room to room. Moreover, they need a permanent space where they can be placed.

Electric treadmills offer a belt cushioning system as it makes the workout comfortable and easier. You can also control the speed of your treadmill according to the capacity of your muscles.

While working on the electric treadmills you may feel comfortable and it will help you in having a good workout and exercise faster.


Electric treadmills are heavier than manual treadmills. Like manual treadmills, electric treadmills also come in a variety of lengths, widths,s, and heights.

You can buy electric treadmills according to the space of your room or the gym because these treadmills can’t move from room to room and require a permanent place for their operation.

Unlike manual treadmills, electric treadmills are difficult to store when they are no longer usable because of their large size and electric use.


Electric motor treadmills are the advanced form of treadmills as they possess remarkable features. One of these features is the self-cooling system of the belt. When the belt gets hot, the cooling system activates and lowers the heat on the belt.

The electric treadmills have monitors that measure the speed, heart rate, and blood pressure automatically and also have a digital system due to which you can watch videos that help you to enhance your workout.

Electric treadmills can bear the weight of hundreds of pounds because of their heavy motors and large size. These treadmills also have warranties of years and the motors of some electric treadmills come with a lifetime warranty.


Hybrid treadmills are the advanced type of treadmills as they are designed very differently so that if you get bored because of your regular workout you can switch to a new workout plan.

During the workout, you can also use other gym equipment because these treadmills offer two different types of exercises.

Hybrid treadmills are reliable and easy to use, furthermore, these treadmills also contain a belt that is attached to the motor and that belt can be disengaged from the motor by using the manual option.

These treadmills are used for both commercial and home and also they are available at affordable prices so that you can enjoy your workout without any hurdle.  


Hybrid treadmills are price friendly and also vary in size because these treadmills are larger in size and their height is 60 inches approximately with a length of 55 inches or more.

Different brands offer different sizes of treadmills due to the space where you want to place the treadmill and the choice of the size of hybrid treadmill also varies from beginners to experts.


Hybrid treadmills have many features and styles. Every brand offers different features and styles of hybrid treadmills as it is easy to use and you can switch between different exercises quickly.

These treadmills have a warranty of years and they also have monitors that measure the speed, heart, and pulse rate fastly.

You can also have pre-programmed workout plans and these programs can be saved into the settings of your treadmills so that you can exercise regularly according to your own plan.


Medical treadmills are versatile cardiovascular machines and are designed to be operated digitally. These treadmills show the digital readings of speed and heart rate because they are sometimes used with the medical equipment

These treadmills are generally larger in size as compared to those which are used in gyms and homes.

Medical treadmills are efficient and reliable. These treadmills give accurate readings all the time because of their medical use so that the doctor gets the results he wants.


The size of medical treadmills varies greatly because of their medical assistance. It may have a height of 50 inches and a length of approximately 80 inches.

This type of treadmill is also available in different sizes according to the space of the room or gymnasium in which it is going to be placed.


Medical treadmills are easy to use & very efficient and these treadmills can bear the weight of 400 pounds due to their wider and heavy belt.

These treadmills accurately measure the stress level of the patient and suggest workout plans. It can also give you the speed of 10 miles per hour because it possesses rubber pads that provide support while running.

Medical treadmills also have a stop button that you can press in case of emergency so that the treadmill stops working.


Treadmills are the equipment that is used for losing weight in homes and gymnasiums. These machines are easy to operate and vary in size.

The workout using the treadmill can boost the activity of your cells and strengthen your muscles.

You can use various types of treadmills according to your demands keeping their features in consideration. The top 4 types of treadmills and their features are mentioned in the article. I hope this article will help you in choosing your desired treadmill.