4 Types of Divorce Cases That Can Be Handled By Divorce Lawyers

If we look at records then we would observe that the matters of divorces are not very high but not very low. Going through a divorce can be very stressful for the couple as well as for their family members. The pressure and mental trauma that they have to go through for this process is very hard to imagine. Many people want to settle the divorce as fast and as silent as they can to save money and reputations.  A person can fight their case if they don’t want to hire a lawyer but it will be beneficial for you if you talk to a divorce lawyer. Oftentimes they have experience as well as knowledge about this matter. You can ask some professional or expert divorce lawyers like contacting the Lawrence law office.

There are many reasons to hire a divorce attorney as they will guide you through the process, help with all the paperwork, make your case stronger, collect facts and figures, and also fight for the best settlement offers. With their skills and knowledge, they can easily guide you and give the best advice so that your divorce trial will end soon.

Cases that can be handled by divorce lawyers

There are many issues that only a divorce lawyer can handle perfectly. If you think that you can fight your case on your own, there could be big risks. Divorce lawyers have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the scenario which can happen during the trials and they are prepared for that. Also, there are many types of divorce cases which a divorce lawyer handles such as:

1. Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the simplest way to settle the divorce as in this case both husband and wife work with their lawyers to come to an agreement. There is no trial in this type of divorce as both parties agree on the terms and conditions.

2. Contested Divorce

This is the most difficult kind of divorce as in this type both parties do not agree on the terms and lawyers try to settle things up outside of court. But if the other party does not accept, then this matter will be fought in court and then the judge will decide. These kinds of cases usually happen in the situation of child custody, spousal support, child visitation, and property division.

3. Default divorce

In default divorce, if one party files a divorce and the other party didn’t respond then the judge grants a default divorce. It is given by a court if the other party didn’t respond to the summon of the court, never return from a foreign land, or leaves the jurisdiction.

4. Summary Divorce

Summary divorce or simplified divorce is very common in small states especially for marriages that lasted for less than 5 years. The parties can download the paperwork and fill them out in front of lawyers, and then it will be considered legal.