4 Trade Show Promotional Ideas

Once you have decided to attend a trade show, you will need to start thinking of all the ways you can make the most of it. You want to attend a trade show that will give your business the most exposure. The more people you come in contact with, it will likely result in an increase in sales. One of the best things that you can do is have an inviting pop-up trade show display to catch the attention of the attendees. If your booth stands out compared to the others, there will be more traffic to yours. The next thing is you want to leave a lasting impression on those that you conversate with and show why your goods and services are different from others within your industry. With so many booths, you want to make yours memorable to them. An easy way to do that is to give promotional items to those that go through your booth. The best kind is the ones that they will use.


Giving a stainless steel tumbler with your brand on it is an easy way to promote your business. People love a stainless steel tumbler to keep their beverages cold or hot on the go. Most people will use it and be reminded of your business each time they choose to use it. This continually promotes your business and reminds consumers of who you were when they talked to you at the trade show.

Fanny Pack

At this time, fanny backs are back and very popular. You could easily give away fanny packs with your logo on them to those that go through your booth. Individuals love them for the convenience of being able to hold a few things, while being small, and not having to wear them on their shoulders. They are comfortable and are great for any individual on go. With your logo, it would be a promoting your business as they were it without you putting in any effort.

Bucket Hats

During the summer months, a bucket hat with your brand on it just makes sense. It is an item that people can use as they go to the river, lake, beach, or anywhere outside to protect themselves from the sun. They are also trendy right now which increases the chances that those who are given one, would use it. You could give people options, such as colors to choose from so there is a higher chance that the bucket hat would be worn after the trade show.


Another seasonal option would be sunglasses. Sunglasses can be fairly common, but that is because they are easy and people use them. The sunglasses given at a trade show are not the best, but they serve their purpose. It gives individuals a pair of sunglasses to wear while mowing the lawn or other activities that they may get lost or ruined.

Choose What Works For You

When making the choice of what to give away as your promotional item at a trade show, be sure it is something that works for you. You don’t want to be giving away items that you hate. Look at what is the most practical and would continue to be used by the attendees. The more they use your item after the trade show, the more your business is being promoted by those items.