4 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Asphalt Paving Process

Paving the driveway using asphalt requires proper preparation and careful planning. You cannot simply expect the project to achieve success without a proper plan. Right from a suitable paver setup to conducting the correct rolling pattern and achieving suitable mat temperature, there are lots of steps to focus at. Each of the process has its impact level over the other. Also, it is absolutely necessary to focus on minute detailing to make sure that no hiccups happen midway. The first step to the start of this project is the setup process. Paver setup can be tricky and you will certainly require expert guidance to manage the process. Look for reputed paver contractors in San Jose to manage your project.  

Proper setup to ensure smooth pavement 

Before anything else, you need to look closely at the paving machine as well as the components used for the paving process. Safety measures must be taken to ensure smooth processing rate. It is absolutely crucial to check the fluid levels before the start of the project. Then, once the machine is started, you need to check the gauges. A suitable coating solution or release agent must be applied to components that come in contact to asphalt. This helps in preventing the asphalt from getting accidentally sticking to the metals. Expert paver contractors suggest the use of coating solutions operated via the machine. 

Controlling the paving speed

Managing the speed of paving is necessary to prevent wave, irregular mat depth, and ripples from occurring. In short, it must be ensured that the paving speed remains constant. An asphalt driveway paving project will witness the paver operating throughout the day at the same speed nonstop. Always keep in mind that laying a uniform mat is possible only if the speed remains constant. Frequent changes in speed level can affect the uniformity of the mat laying process.

Mat quality

The speed of paver along with the material level plays a strong role when it comes to determining the mat pavement quality. It is basically consistency in paving speed and the material head used in the screed front that plays a determining factor in achieving the quality of pavement. 

Achieving quality compaction

Pavement process will have the chance to encounter extreme cold climate, heavy traffic, and unexpected loads. If the best practices for compaction are followed, then it will delay the road maintenance requirements and at the same time, will preserve the integrity of the asphalt driveway. But firstly, you need to make sure that proper densification or compaction happens. Unless so, the paved roadway will break down due to improper support. Rely heavily on three major factors: rolling patterns of the compactor, depth of mat, and temperature of the mat.