4 Tips to Help Save on Bulk Packaging

With shipping costs rising for both businesses and their customers, using bulk packaging offers a simple way to help cut down on your logistics expenses and potentially reduce waste. Bulk packaging can include simply using one box for multiple items in a single order or even combining multiple boxes into a single shipment.

To boost your savings even more, your company can take advantage of some bulk packaging hacks that involve some creativity in how you package your shipments. These range from finding cheaper packaging to changing what you put in shipments altogether.

Keep reading to learn four tips for cutting bulk packaging costs.

1. Recycle or Sell Used Packing Supplies

Your business likely receives shipments where you have leftover boxes, padding, and fillers that you could consider using for shipping orders to customers. As long as these remain in good condition, try reusing these shipping supplies when you can.

You also could sell used shipping boxes to a company like TheGaylordBoxExchange.com. Your business will get a check for those items, and you can use the money toward your bulk packaging and shipping costs.

2. Find Cheap or Free Packing Supplies

Along with reusing whatever you already have, you can find free boxes and padded envelopes through carriers. This may require using a specific method such as flat-rate shipping or choosing a priority or express delivery speed.

For example, you can use USPS flat-rate boxes to ship orders through Priority Mail and both get free boxes and envelopes. Depending on the bulk shipment’s weight, you can even potentially save a lot on postage rates. 

3. Change How You Pack Shipments

If you’ve always packed items the same way, you probably haven’t discovered easy ways to cut costs.

Saving more on bulk packaging can be as simple as sending digital invoices and reducing paper costs for packing slips. You can also use fillers more wisely and avoid bubble wrap for items that aren’t even fragile.

Also, pay attention to the box size used since dimensions can impact packaging and shipping costs. Try to ship as light as possible to save.

4. Consider Raising Your Pricing

Sometimes, you may need to increase product prices to offset or save on packaging costs. This requires carefully researching the costs of various shipping providers and determining how much you want to cut costs.

You can consider offering free shipping in exchange for slightly higher prices on products. Customers may feel fine with a slower, cheaper shipping service as long as it doesn’t seem to cost them much. This will give your business more flexibility.

Start Savings More on Bulk Packaging Today

To get an idea of how much these bulk packaging tips could save you, consider doing an analysis for your business.

Start by adding up what you’re spending on boxes, fillers, tape, and shipping fees. You can then run some scenarios where you raise your shipping, use cheaper packaging, or save other materials and find a combination that works for your needs. Also, research shipping services carefully.

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