4 Tips In Creating House Plans For A Growing Family

Your home is a safe haven for your entire family. It’s where the kids retreat after a day at school and where parents can let their guard down and de-stress from work. It’s where the entire family makes memories, as the children grow. Regardless of its size, what truly matters most is that your home meets your family’s needs and wants.

Designing a home is already a big commitment in itself, and is more intensified when you’re given the responsibility of designing one for a growing family. There’s so much you have to consider to make your home flexible as possible as the family grows. It’s all achievable with the help of experts, you can search online for home plan service providers near your area, such as Boutique Home Plans.

In this article, you’ll have some of the best tips that’ll lead you to create a family home, with the future in mind:

1. Have At Least One Extra Room And Another Flexible Room

If you’ve decided with certainty that you want to have a maximum of three children. This simply means that you’ll need to provide one room for each child plus one more for the master’s bedroom which will sum up to four rooms. But if the space allows for it, have at least two more extra rooms. So, that’s six rooms in total.

Those two rooms could be allocated for the following:

  • Guest room. When you have young kids, it’s inevitable that the grandparents may visit regularly. Should they decide to ‘sleepover’ or stay for a longer time, you have the guestroom to accommodate extra family members at home. This guest room can also be easily converted to another child’s bedroom, just in case you decide one day to add one more child.
  • Convertible room. This is an extra space that can be developed, according to your needs. You can first use it as a playroom for the kids during their early childhood years, and as they grow older into primary school, this space can become their shared study area. You’ll never know when homeschooling will be needed, as the case we’re in right now, so it’s always good to be prepared with an extra space.

2. Make Use Of As Much Natural Light As Possible

One of the most perfect characteristics of a family home is the availability of having as much natural light as possible. Having sun exposure in your home is one of the biggest things you can do to create a family home that feels great, and that works well for your family.

On top of the health benefits of having natural light come into your home, the electricity savings will also make you happy. As your family grows, the electricity expenses are bound to soar as well. If you aren’t mindful of your energy consumption, the increasing utility bills may only burn a hole in your family’s monthly budget. With natural light coming in during the day, you may not have to switch on as many lights as you needed to.

3. Build, With Safety In Mind

The best home for a growing family is also one that’s built with safety in mind. 

Having a gate around your property can be considered an added expense. But it’s vital to have one installed in your home to ensure safety, especially when you still have kids playing out in the yard. This feature can prevent your kids from being run off by vehicles or worse, having strangers interact with your kids.

Providing a front gate for your home will enhance security and give protection for you and your growing family. Always remember that finding more ways to make sure that your home is safe to live in can give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

This is only one example of a safety feature you can include in your home. You can add more, depending on what you deem fit and necessary for your family.

4. Build In Extra Storage Space

To prepare your home to be ideal for your growing family, building an extra storage space is really necessary. As you and your kids are getting older, the interests, hobbies, and additional stuff may keep filing up and the additional storage may come in handy to prevent clutter from dominating your home.

You can also create a big pantry to accommodate all your supplies in an organized way. If your house plan permits, it’s advisable to have one small room solely dedicated as your storage. 


While you’re still young, the possibility of having a growing family is certainly exciting for you. This excitement also brings in the idea of building a family home that’s ready for you and your family’s future needs. That way, the home you have can be your ‘forever home’, where the children can grow and build memories. If the prospect of building one is somewhere in the near future, let the tips above be your ultimate guide.


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