4 Things to Know When Designing a Living Room

Upon entering your house, the first thing that your visitors will see is the living room. Traditionally speaking, the living room is where the homeowners receive their guests. With that said, first impressions will always last. As the living room is where they’ll be received, your guests need to see a space that looks and feels good and, most importantly, clean.  

Without visitors, the living room is a place where you and whoever you’re living with, a casual place to hang out. The living room is also where we spend the most time in the house. So whether you’re receiving visitors or not, your living room should always look at its best. If you need help designing your living room, here are four things to know:


The location of your living room inside the house can significantly influence the design you want for it. For example, if your living room directly connects you to the dining or kitchen area, you should bring cohesion between these places. 

Make sure the designs you choose for each area don’t end up clashing with each other. On the other hand, a more isolated, separated living room will give you more freedom to choose designs and layouts. 


Another key factor you should also consider when designing your living room is lighting. Before placing in lights, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Will there be enough natural light in the area?
  • What direction is the light coming from?
  • Will overhead lighting be an option?

With those questions in mind, you can play out in your mind how you’d place the fixtures in your living room. If you need help getting the best lighting fixtures for your living room, try visiting Vonn’s lighting store. With the right fixtures and cohesive lighting plan, your living room will get the proper illumination regardless of the time of day.


Aside from lighting, furniture is one of the essential pieces in your living room. Without furniture, your living room is essentially just an empty, blank, lighted space. If you already have furniture and plan on using it in your living room, do the proper measurements before placing them. 

The same goes when you’re buying new furniture. Make sure you measure the furniture and your living room space so everything will fit. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying furniture is not measuring beforehand. There are countless situations where people end up buying furniture that’s either too small or big for their living room. 

Lastly, also choose furniture that’ll go well with your design. Don’t choose furniture that’s different from the looks of your living room, as that piece will definitely pop out and catch awkward stares and puzzling looks from your visitors.


Most of the time, people often forget to do something with their walls. The focus is, at times, more on the furniture and other aspects of the living room. Your walls also need attention unless you want a blank wall staring back at you when you’re finally sitting on your couch or sofa. 

You can add both functionality and design by adding bookshelves or dividers in the right places on your wall. In these extra spaces, you can put in books and arrange them to your liking. You can also put in figurines, pillows, and other trinkets you might have. 

For larger walls, you can hang family portraits and or artwork. As you can see, you can do many things to your wall. Your wall basically adds more character to your living room space when included in the design.


Since the living room is where most people spend time and receive guests, it’s only natural for them to make their living room look good. If you need help with your living room, the four things mentioned above should always be worth considering. With those in mind, you’ll have the perfect living room in no time.