4 Telltale Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Roof Repair Specialist

Your commercial roof might only cost about 5% of your total building costs, but their ongoing costs can add up. If your business’s roof is damaged, it can increase your energy bill and lead to safety lawsuits as well.

Commercial roof repair is essential to help keep your operational costs low. Whether your building is old or you live in an area that’s subject to more environmental effects, it’s always important to repair your commercial roof. Find out some of the key indications that it’s time for a repair.

1. Rising Energy Bills

Your roof should help insulate your building so it stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer. If you’ve noticed your energy bill starting to creep up, your roof may not be doing its job anymore.

Your energy bill is a good indication that your commercial roof needs repairs. If you have a metal roof, it may lose its reflective abilities to help prevent heat. As your roof ages, different gaps and cracks can also appear that allow your heating or cooling to escape more easily.

2. Increased Moisture and Roof Leaks

At least 40% of all building-related issues have to do with water, moisture, and leaks. Your roof is the first defense from rain, keeping your entire building sealed and dry. When your roof is compromised, you might notice water stains, leaks, and mold.

When your roof is damaged or worn down, you’ll likely experience more issues that raise your operational costs. As soon as you start to see moisture or water damage, it’s time to invest in commercial roof repairs.

3. Flashing Gaps or Damage

Old roof flashing is one of the most common forms of commercial roof damage. Your roof flashing helps direct water away from the roof, so it plays a crucial role. If your flashing is old, it may have warped to cause gaps and breakage.

Inspect your roof flashing periodically to see if it’s time for repairs. If you notice rusting or any damage, it’s important to re-seal the flashing as soon as possible.

4. Sagging or Bubbling Roof

Sagging and bubbling are signs of water damage that you can see on top of your roof. Both issues mean your roof isn’t as secure as it should be, and it may lead to water damage indoors.

A bubbling roof occurs after water builds up under the top layer of shingles. Sagging happens if your roof doesn’t have proper damage and pooling water weighs down on the roof.

Why It’s Important to Invest in Commercial Roof Repair

Investing in commercial roof repair is an essential form of business maintenance. With a secure roof, you can lower your energy costs and make sure you won’t spend more in the long run.

Work with a commercial roofing contractor with experience that matches your needs. Expert contractors will understand how to inspect your roof and what problems to solve quickly.

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