It is surprising to know that people understand money management only when they hit by a sudden financial crisis like unemployment. At that moment, dealing with expenses by savings or bearing the cost of unexpected things becomes a nightmare. 

During no job time, people feel depressed and messed up everything while making important decision. But remember one thing is that you are not the only one, who is facing this type of money mess. Everyone, who does the job, has faced these problems many times. If you give up, then you will never able to manage the finance. 


However, tracking outgoing and incoming during this period is challenging. With a proper strategy, you can easily direct the money and will able to meet the ends.

At this sensitive moment, following some complex methods can turn the situation worst. To cope up with such problems, ‘4-Stride Personal Finance’ is there for you. 

It is a method that will tell you about how to manage both expected and unexpected expenditures.

You can manage the surprising cost with some external borrowing methods like a loan. For this, you may approach traditional or online lenders. There is a possibility that conventional lenders may reject the application because of your no job status. But direct lenders in the UK offer loans for unemployed people. In this, you may receive enough funds to deal with the unexpected cost or you can utilise them to find a new job. 

The above-mentioned way is only to deal with surprising cost. To supervise the day-to-day cost, you have to follow this new personal finance method. 

Now, let’s see how you can use it and what things you have to take care of while following this. 

4-Stride Personal Finance

It covers four steps and each contains a few points that you have to practice. 

Step 1: Predict the expenditures 

In this, you have to do these tasks:

Target the necessity: Food, clothes and house are important to live life. Without them, you can’t survive for a minute. While guessing the cost, first includes all the necessary ones like food and grocery, utility bills and house rent. 

Cut down unnecessary ones: People do not think twice to buy things when they receive a constant income every month. Here, you have to remove all the cost that you can live without them.

Step 2: Go for another source of income 


You might wonder that during this period, you can build your skills and earn through passive incomes. It is a perfect time because here, you do not have to follow a routine; instead, you can operate the work from home. 


Do freelancing: It is the common way to earn money with only spending an hour a day. The more you do, the more you can earn. 


Use the saved money: If you have a dream to run a business, and then go for it. But make sure you have saved enough money and start a business at a small level. Most of the people got success in commercial life when they left their regular job. 


In this situation, relying completely on business may be a risk. To take safe sides, don’t forget to find a job. It will give you a sense of relaxation that you are putting your efforts. 


Step 3: Know what is important 


People often take the condition seriously and they think that saving money is the only goal. But it is proved that thinking too much about the scenario can lead you to many health problems. To cope up with this situation, you need strength. 


Maintain diet: Reducing grocery bill is essential, but you have to include the healthy ones at lower prices. You can learn more about these foods on the internet, and then, buy from the shop.


Spend time with your loved ones: Discussing the problem with your friends, family members or relatives can help you to make a better decision. The best part is that you will feel more relaxed. 


Step 4: Go smart 


Managing money requires smartness. There are so many ways through which you can buy essential products at lower prices. Many times people purchase stuff on a daily basis, but if you procure in bulk, then you can save a lot of bucks. 


For many households, buying things at bulk is a difficult task because of the less money. In that scenario, you can either borrow money from your friends for a shorter period or availing cash funding like doorstep loans may be helpful. In this, you will receive the quick cash at your door. 


It is a very small step but at this moment, a single penny matters a lot for you. 


These are the four strides that you should follow during this tough situation. If you will able to direct this method properly, then you will gain back your financial status. Go ahead and follow each small step regularly to see a big change.