4 Steps to Succeed as a Womenpreneur

In the past few years, the business market has changed and female entrepreneurs now make up a large portion of it. Women have started realizing that they are more than capable of building businesses on any scale, and they’ve been lining up accomplishments in virtually all fields of business.

So if you’ve been considering starting your own business, chances are you’ll find numerous strong female role-models to look up to and success stories to get inspired by. In case you know your dream is to be self-employed, but aren’t quite sure how to fulfill it, we give you a fail-proof outline of how to become a successful womanpreneur!

Choose a Market and Make a Business Plan

The first step is to carefully think about the type of business you want to start. 

The factors to be taken into consideration are current market trends, future predictions of how they will develop, the demand and supply dynamics, the strength of the competition, but perhaps the most important factor are your own preferences. A business you’re not passionate about is bound to fail at some point.

Some of the most profitable startup ideas at the moment are IT businesses of all sorts, online stores (you can sell your own products, or find a niche product and become a re-seller), and permanent makeup.

It’s a good idea to write all your observations down, as they’ll be useful once you start developing an actual business plan. If you don’t have much experience with market research, it might be a good idea to hire a consultant.

Get Educated (and Certified!)

Obviously, before you get into a certain business, you must learn all you can about it. This may mean expanding your knowledge on a field you have work experience in, or learning a brand new skill.

Luckily, we’re not limited by our degrees anymore. Reorientation through courses has become a viable option, so even if you’ve never been trained in what you’re passionate about, you can quickly compensate through courses.

One of the most popular reorientation options has been permanent makeup, particularly microblading. This niche within the beauty industry is very profitable, since it requires a relatively small investment. Another plus is that it can be learned online.

Expert artists who hold the most popular microblading training in Washington DC report that they’ve had a increased demand for their comprehensive online courses. This is no surprise, since many women decided to use the time during lockdown to educate themselves and ensure a better future once everything goes back to normal.

Start Your Business with a Bang

Once all the preparation and the paperwork has been taken care of, it’s time for the most exciting step – opening your business! 

This is the time to draw attention to yourself. If you’ve chosen a field such as beauty or retail, it’s a great idea to offer some special deals like discounts or special presents that will attract your first customers and encourage them to recommend your services to their friends and family. 

Another way to make sure people notice your arrival onto the market is to make an event out of it, like a party on the premises, just make sure you and all your visitors stick to all Coronavirus prevention guidelines.

Marketing – Your Most Important Investment

Now you’re officially a business owner, you have to make sure it grows and develops. Keeping your initial customers or clients isn’t enough to sustain a business, you must also attract new ones. The prerequisite for this is marketing.

In today’s digital world, online exposure is the most important ingredient of success. Online presence is the most effective way to reach potential customers an appeal to them, so investing your main resources – money, but also time – into developing a professional, attractive website and staying active on social media is extremely important, especially if you’re a beauty professional.

Small businesses can usually handle their own social media, but as your company grows, you might want to consider hiring an expert or a firm that specializes in social media assistance (hey, that’s another profitable startup idea!), so you have more time to handle the rest of your CEO duties.

Final Note

As any self-employed professional will tell you, there are ups and downs when running your own business. The good news is that women have stuck together since the dawn of time, and becoming a womanpreneur means becoming part of a fabulous collective of ladies who recognize, appreciate and support each other.

So if you’re about to start your journey towards starting a business, we’ll leave you with one final tip – start networking as soon as possible! Contacts are your most valuable resource. Good luck!