4 Steps to Make Your Old Smartphone Look and Feel New Again

Smartphones have gotten more expensive. In 2007, when founder Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the market, the handset cost $499 for the base 4 GB model. In 2021, the most recent model, the iPhone 12, will set you back $799 for the standard 64 GB model and $1,099 for the premium Pro Max.

Even if adjusted for inflation, the first iPhone would only cost $646.

Plenty of things have happened since 2007. The technology of smartphones has advanced in ways that were unimaginable over a decade ago. Just look at the specs sheet of the first iPhone versus the iPhone 12. The display resolution went from 320 x 480 pixels in 2007 to 1170 x 2532 in 2020. The main camera improved from 2 MP to dual 12 MP. Meanwhile, the internal memory of the iPhone was 4 GB for the most basic model, extremely inadequate in the present when smartphones came in versions with 64 GB to 256 GB.

Apple, of course, is not the only smartphone manufacturer that has increased the cost of their devices. Samsung, its biggest competitor, launched its new line of Galaxy S in 2021, with the most premium model going for $1,450. The Galaxy Fold Z, which was released in 2020, was priced at $1,999.

As smartphones become more high-tech, the cost of owning one also becomes astronomical. For a lot of people, buying a new handset every other year is not realistic.

Instead of buying a new smartphone, you can continue using the one that you already have but curb the craving for the new units by following these tips.

How the Screen Can Transform a Smartphone

When you use your smartphone, you mostly are staring at the screen. While the quality of glass used on the display of iPhones has improved over the years, it is still fallible to damage. Over time, the screen will start to gain scratches from daily use that will become visible and age your device.

To prevent the problem, users should apply a screen protector as soon as they acquire their device. However, for older iPhones, a screen repair service, or replacement may be necessary. It will set you back, but it can make your device look and feel new again. You would not have to get a new iPhone for a couple more years.

Clean the Ports

The ports and grills of your smartphone can hoard dust, dirt, and other debris. If not removed, they can negatively impact the performance of your device and cause it to break.

Luckily, cleaning the ports and grills of your iPhone is an easy task. All you need is a microfiber cloth, a painter’s brush, tape, and even a toothpick. Some people use compressed air to lodge buildup out of the holes and crevices of their smartphones.

Cleaning your smartphone, including the ports and grills will ensure that the device is working exactly as it should, just the way it did when you first took it out of the box.

Uninstall Some Apps

The apps on your smartphone can weigh it down. Some apps continue to run even while not in use which zaps the battery and creates performance issues. The most notorious, according to AdWeek, are Facebook, Snapchat, Google Maps, Amazon, and Netflix.

The presence of Facebook, in particular, and its companion app Facebook Messenger on Android make other installed apps worse. When a blogger uninstalled Facebook and Facebook Messenger, the remaining apps ran smoother. The apps also launched 15 percent faster.

If you are not using an app, it will be better to delete it. Apps tend to occupy more storage space as they update.  It frees up necessary space that can be better utilized for something else.

Let it Rest

Your smartphone functions as a personal computer except that it is always turned on and ready for use. However, like your desktop or laptop, switching it off and letting it rest for a while is necessary to keep it running smoothly.

Experts recommend that people shut their smartphones off at least once a week for about 30 minutes. This allows the device to clear caches and perform certain performance diagnostics when booted. Doing this regularly will also ensure the longevity of the device’s RAM.

Smartphones play important roles in life. People use it to connect and communicate with loved ones, search for information on the internet, do work while out of the office, and be entertained. Daily use can naturally degrade the quality of the device. However, by treating your smartphone correctly, it can have a longer life and can be used for years to come.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.