4 Steps to Choose the Right Kitchen Wallpapers

From simple breakfast to grand dinner, a kitchen is a place in our home where we spend a lot of time a day. Because it is so much of use, we may want it in a great decoration and a better place to live in. That is what kitchen wallpaper can help – protecting and decorating this important room efficiently.

For one thing, most kitchen wallpapers can protect the kitchen walls from dust, peeling and oil dirt over time, and keep the kitchen as clean and beautiful as a freshly painted one. For another thing, kitchen wallpapers give us an excellent way to personalize our kitchen. This means we can add our own color to this particular place. What’s more, wallpapers also offer us an easy way to hide cabinets we don’t want to show for design uniform. Then it comes to the question – how to choose a kitchen wallpaper? Kitchen wallpapers come in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials. You may want long-lasting and unfading patterns and designs. I may prefer beautiful and colorful kitchen wallpapers. And he may like durable and environmental kitchen wallpapers easy to clean and maintain. Here we get some ideas on choosing a good kitchen wallpaper for your information.

First, choose environmental materials for kitchen wallpapers if possible. The wallpaper materials we most often see include paper, PVC and fabric wallpapers. As we spend a long time cooking in the kitchen, it’s better to choose one with the least impact on our body. Comparatively speaking, PVC kitchen wallpaper, also known as Vinyl wallpaper, is of great flexibility, affordable, easy to clean and available in numerous colors. However, they may get a low score from an environmental view due to heavy odor, impermeability and chemicals involved. Paper wallpaper offers more realistic patterns, a clear color tone and better air permeability. And they’re more environment-friendly though a little pricy. Fabric wallpapers are made of natural materials to provide a grand fashionable and comfortable look and feel. They have quality designs and good permeability but perform poorly in easy maintenance, vulnerable to dust and any other dirt and difficult to clean.

Second, choose colors and styles aligning with our kitchen design. As we know, cabinets and cooking utensils are permanent players in the kitchen, Thus, it’s a great idea to have the kitchen wallpaper match with them and the kitchen designs. Usually, we see kitchen wallpapers with simple and bright patterns, like colored flowers, cute animals and different shapes. They can give the room a larger look and add some bright and cheerful color to the kitchens. Another great option is striped kitchen wallpapers. Striped wallpapers can give our room a unique look, simple design and delicate style. For people who like clean and fresh atmosphere, this may an ideal choice.

Then, choose wallpaper features specific to our kitchens if possible. A kitchen wallpaper may be very beneficial if it can resist any scratch, static electricity, water, dust, moisture and oil with good permeability. Besides, some washable and easy-to-replace wallpapers are also excellent options for kitchen wallpapers.

Finally, take samples and try them in your home if possible. Most suppliers provide many samples in local stores now. So you may get a better result if taking some home to make a comparison than just imagining in your mind.

To sum up, wallpaper is a unique decor idea for our kitchen design. They are very popular today and can add much value to our life too. Choosing suitable kitchen wallpaper may involve a lot to consider. While following the steps above may make it a snap thing, and also have you got the right kitchen wallpaper you can enjoy for many years.