4 Solid Tips for Better Putting That Every Golfer Should Know

Hitting more putts on the course is no simple feat. Even if you have been practicing the game for years and have learned the best putting technique ever from an expert, the chances are you are still going to struggle with it. However, should you implement some well-known tips for better putting, you can significantly improve your golf game and eventually become a master of putting.

Here are four tips to help you hole more putts quickly:

Follow through and hold
A common mistake that even experienced golfers make is moving while they putt and as soon as they have hit the ball. However, your putting movement needs to come from your shoulders while the rest of the body should be still. Once you have hit the ball, follow through with the putt and try to hold your position at the end. A good way to check whether you are going this correctly or not is to see the face of the club. If it is pointing towards the target, you are doing it correctly. If not, then you may need to put in more work on this tip for better putting. Be consistent
Ask any pro golfer about the best putting technique ever, and you will see them talking about consistency in the game. This means that if you don’t practice regularly, you are not going to see results. Take some time out every day to practice only putts and develop a solid routine that helps you explore your preferences and shots. Vary your practice shots
Another common mistake that golfers, especially beginners, make when practicing putts is hitting the same putt time and again. While it is necessary to repeatedly hit a putt to master it, you need to vary your shots to be well prepared for putts that you may face on the course during a tournament. Instead of just hitting the straight line, 20-foot putt, try shooting from uneven terrain or from behind a tree or challenging distances. Lead from your left
One of the best putting techniques ever is to lead the shot from your left. If you do the opposite, which is to shoot a putt with your right hand only, you will realize that you need your left hand as the directional guide. When putting, the left hand is as important as the right, which is why you need to spend more time practicing putting with your left hand only. When you do this, you will see a significant improvement in your game on the course. Final note
Holing the perfect putt time and again may be challenging; however, if you keep in mind a few tips for better putting and implement them in your practice session, you can get better at putting quickly.