4 Smart Medical Devices That are Improving Life for Seniors

In the United States alone, eight in 10 older adults live with at least one chronic disease. More than three in four also manage at least two of these long-term maladies.

Unfortunately, these health issues make it difficult for seniors to age in place.

There’s still some great news, though. Smart medical devices are paving the way for elderly adults to keep their homes. With these cool technologies, seniors can keep a firmer grasp on their independence.

Ready to learn more about the tech that makes senior living safer and more satisfying? Read on as we’ll share with you a list of smart devices you or your elderly loved one will surely love!

1. Fall Detection Technology

One senior suffers a fall every second every single day in the US. In fact, a quarter of all elderly adults in the country will experience a fall at least once a year. Moreover, 20% of those who do fall sustain injuries like fractures or head injuries.

The good news is that some of today’s senior tech now utilize fall sensors, such as the Red Dot Alerts system. Another example is the Apple Watch, which can also detect slips, trips, and falls. If not dismissed as a “false alarm,” the tech immediately connects to an emergency service.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Experts forecast AI in the healthcare sector alone to reach a value of $31.3 billion by 2025. In the field of elderly care, some of the coolest AI techs help seniors stay in touch with loved ones.

For instance, proactive cognitive AI programs can “advice” seniors to call their family. These apps can even initiate conversations so that their users remain engaged. Some also launch voice-based reminders that it’s time to take prescription medications.

3. Location Trackers

Alzheimer’s disease alone affects an estimated five million people in the US. This condition causes forgetfulness, including a loss of spatial memory. For this reason, people with AD can become lost, even if they’re in a familiar place.

Location trackers can serve as round-the-clock monitoring devices in such cases. They function like GPS trackers, offering smart device integration. A family member can determine where exactly their elderly loved one is with a map-like app.

4. Smart Medical Identification Tags

Today’s medical identification tags come with scannable QR codes. When scanned using a smartphone, the QR code automatically redirects to a website. The opened web page, in turn, holds the ID bearer’s medical information and condition.

With these smart medical devices, medics can immediately access the patient’s info. This can then help them administer proper treatment on-the-spot. This is especially helpful if the patient is incoherent or remains unconscious.

Keep Safe and Sane With These Smart Medical Devices for Seniors

There you have it, four of the best smart medical devices that can keep seniors healthier and safer. With these, you or your elderly loved one can get medical aid when you need it the most. AI can also keep things entertaining and engaging while also reminding you to take your meds.

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