4 Simple Tips On How to Care for Your Newborn Baby

There is no denying that a child is a long-awaited dream of all parents. And when the baby is born, you get filled with joy and you would want to do anything to make sure that your newborn is well-protected and healthy. Therefore, it is crucial to know their requirements and take extra care to keep them healthy and safe from any sort of medical condition. The baby will need proper care, food, grooming, and sleeping patterns for overall healthy development. If you do not find it easy to do everything on your own, get the help of professionals for caring for your newborn baby.


In this article, we will talk about how to care for your newborn baby.




You should know that babies do not need a bath in their initial days. They have a white covering that covers the body, acting like a shielding layer. This creamy, white element, described vernix caseosa, is made up of oils from the sweat gland of the baby. It can protect your child against all the bacteria while keeping their tender skin moisturized. In 7 to 10 days, this covering will strip itself off, so you can give your little one a proper bath. The safest way is to use a special bathtub for babies for that.


Care for the umbilical cord.


While bathing your child, make sure that you do not wet the umbilical cord. When the umbilical cord breaks off, take special care of the wound until it dries off.


Take care of their privates.


Take their genitals as any other part, especially when bathing your child. To prevent bacteria from thriving in, wash their privates with lukewarm water, and keep them dry after that. For a baby girl, clean the genitals from front to back. If your baby boy has been experiencing circumcision, make sure you wash the penis gently for a week. Then, apply petroleum jelly at the tip of the penis to evade contamination from the diaper.


Provide extra care for the scalp.


Babies’ scalp is always fragile. The reason is that there are skull bones that are not yet fused completely. You will also find many soft spots called Fontanelles. These spots are formed during the delivery process. Therefore, it is significant not to scrub too hard while washing or massaging. Make sure you remember all of these when caring for your newborn baby.


Care for the skin.


The skin of babies is already soft. You only need to keep it hydrated and moisturized with a good cream daily. It is common for babies to have acne on their cheeks, nose, forehead, and skin in their initial days. This is due to the hormones of the mother that are still circulating in the body of the child. Clean the face with water, and do not pick the pimples.

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