4 Signs Your Car’s Tires Need to be Replaced

If you are someone who tries to take care of your car and also stay safe on the road, you want to replace your tires as soon as they start to get worn down. You might keep track of the date that you purchased your tires and the mileage mark that your car was at when they were installed in order to know when to replace those tires. There are also different signs that you can look for as you are trying to figure out if it is time for you to start looking for a new set of tires.

1. Watch for Visible Signs of Tread Wear

When you look over the tires on your car, you might notice that they do not look the same as they did when you first added them to your vehicle. You might notice that the tires are smooth in spots where they used to have grooves. If you notice that the tread on your tires is really worn down – or if you notice that it seems to be wearing down unevenly – you should consider getting your tires changed. The tires rub against the road each time that you drive, and they can become smooth after they have been used for a while, failing to give you the traction that you need.

2. Check for Visible Cracks in the Tires

In addition to looking for worn spots on your tires, you should also check for cracks that you can notice on the tires. Any cracks that you see are going to let the air out of the tires and keep the tires from working as they should. Cracks can appear because of the weather that your car has to deal with, or they can appear after you have driven over something that you shouldn’t have. Older tires will crack more easily than newer ones. Cracked tires should be replaced sooner rather than later.

3. Pay Attention to a Vibrating Feeling When Driving

When you are driving your car, you might notice that your tires need to be replaced if the vehicle shakes and does not handle as well as it used to. Bad tires can cause the whole vehicle to drive differently, and you might notice a vibrating feeling as you drive around. You want your car to drive well, and you should have someone look over your tires if you notice that the vehicle is vibrating or shaking.

4. Listen to Your Car’s Warning Lights

There are different warnings that the computer system in your car might give you, and a car with tires that need to be replaced can let you know that something is up. Pay attention to any warning lights that your car displays. Worn tires might need to be inflated often, might show up as being underinflated, or might cause your car to out rightly tell you that you need to buy new tires. When your car’s warning lights tell you something, pay attention to them and work on fixing the problem.

When you drive on worn tires, you can bring about real issues with your car. You should look over your tires regularly and replace them when they are worn or damaged.