4 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid In Triathlon Cycling

As an aspiring athlete aiming for a triathlon goal, you want to follow the footsteps of achievers and famous competitors. Even after putting so much effort into routine training, doing things in the wrong ways cannot help you improve your skills. Making mistakes is common among beginners but amending them earlier is crucial. To help you choose the right equipment to produce maximum efficiency, here are common mistakes you should avoid when cycling.

Neglecting bike gear

A traditional bike may not have gear, but a standard triathlon bike usually comes with 10 to 12 gears as accelerators. This device allows you to change the speed when reaching a specific level of height of the ground. Although you have enough strength to scale up the sloppy roadway or mountainside, it is necessary to save energy for the next few hours. Using the low gear will help you pedal uphill without extra pressure while cycling. The piece of equipment is a companion that helps you enjoy the ride at the desired speed.

Not investing in biking kits

Cycling enthusiasts should know the basics of bike components and their functions even if they are not yet professional competitors. A flat tire or loose bolt in your bicycle could be more dangerous than you expected. This wheeled vehicle might not have a horsepower engine, but the damaged part can cause severe injury or even worse. Investing in the best women’s triathlon bike and repair kits are essential for every triathlete. Find a store that sells all the necessary tools for repairing the bike.

Wearing wrong clothes

If a cyclist can win a race in a party dress, there won’t be triathlon events. Unless you want to take a lazy ride around your house, you cannot ignore the importance of cycling clothes. Although a triathlon competition is not an international event that requires team uniforms, athletes should stick to the rule of wearing a proper outfit. Invest in bike shorts, cycling chamois, shoes, a helmet, skin-tight legwear, and a cycling jersey. These items are essential for making you feel comfortable on the saddle.

Lack of maintenance

Triathlon bikes are an investment, and you have the responsibility to take care of your property. When practicing for an upcoming event, you may spend time outside. During your ride, the bike could accumulate tons of dirt and dead bugs in its braking system and wheel spokes. The buildup on the vehicle increases the risks of component damage and freaky accidents. If you want to avoid untoward incidents, clean your bike regularly. You don’t have to subscribe expensive cleaning service to keep your bike in good condition. Stock some primary cleaning products such as vehicle shampoo, brushes, and lubricants.

While the condition of your bicycle determines your performance, your strength plays an important role in maintaining the momentum. Eat the food that provides stamina and slow-release energy.