4 Reasons Why You May Be Experiencing Issues With Your CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are almost a basic need for every business. They provide the much-needed security surveillance and help you record relevant evidence which you can use to solve disputes.

At times, however, your CCTV surveillance system could be dysfunctional either because of poor installation, poor maintenance, environmental hazards, among other reasons.

When you discover that your CCTV is not serving its purposes and you cannot diagnose the problem, it may be time to find CCTVSurveillance Company. The best service offeror will not only take care of installation but also offer excellent after-sales services to handle maintenance and any issues that may come up after installation.

Sometimes, systems can fail. Below are several issues that you may have experienced with your CCTV system and how you can solve them:

  1. Blurred images

Blurry security cameras are a pain. Imagine your system has done all the recording work but when it comes to replaying the images, you cannot see clearly.

A blurry camera can be a result of a problem with the lens, light, or shutter speed adjustment.

One of the reasons why the camera may be blurred is because it does not concentrate light in the right place. Rays of light get into the camera lens and are directed to the camera sensor where they should converge to produce a clear image.If the lens was initially in the right position then something forced it out of place, the camera sensor will not be able to converge the light rays well, which leads to a blurred image.

Most camera lenses that shift out of place are usually low-quality cameras, so be sure to the quality of products offered when you are looking for a CCTV surveillance company.

Sometimes, blurred CCTV images may not be an indication of a problem with your security system. It could be the way the device is set up. Some cameras have a deeper focus which means that you can see far items clearly.

You can use the lens aperture to alter the depth of focus.  Most businesses would benefit more from a larger depth of view to bring more objects in focus.

A blurred CCTV may also be caused by a dirty lens. If dust or dirt has clogged the CCTV lens or a spider web has built up on it, you need to do some cleaning. Regular cleaning can help prevent lenses from causing blurred images.

A damaged lens can also cause a blurry feed.

  1. Flickering image

Image flickering is also a common issue with CCTV cameras.

One cause of flickering images is an electrical issue such as faulty wiring. The first and easiest step to take is to check whether your system has an anti-flicker. If it is off, turn it off.

The second thing you need to check is that all your wiring is good. Cables should not be cut or burnt.

If your images are still flickering after the above attempts, the issue may also be because of improper installation or design. Sometimes, the electrical frequency and the frequency for which the CCTV system was designed are mismatched causing a flicker.

Sometimes, your images could flicker only when it gets dark.  In such a case the electrical light sources may be interfering with it, so ensure that they are pointing away from the CCTV lens.

Another thing to check is whether your camera is damaged.  Faulty LED or light sensors will cause your images to flicker.

Rough weather such as wind and heavy rains can also cause poor reception which causes the systems to flicker.

  1. 3. Noisy CCTV footage

Electrical interference can also cause your CCTV footage to be noisy. You should check the cables to ensure that they are well routed and not damaged.

Secondly, you can try disconnecting other equipment to see if you will get an improvement in the noise level. If the equipment is improperly shielded or damaged, it can cause sound interference.

  1. No video signal or a blank screen

This is perhaps the most frustrating thing you can experience with your CCTV camera. Lack of a video signal can be caused by a simple thing like forgetting to power the camera! Check that first.

Ensure that the power connectors and all the cables are rightly plugged in and powered. If your CCTV is connected to the power box using a fuse box, check the fuse box for damage.

The problem could also be that the camera is faulty, so check the lenses as well.

Final Words

Trying to crack technical issues with your CCTV can be a headache. You can always do the small checks but when things seem to get complicated, seek assistance from a CCTV surveillance company. When you are installing a CCTV surveillance system for your business, it helps to hire the services of a reputable CCTV surveillance company. That way, you can minimize system failures.