4 Reasons Why Saxo Bank is the Best Platform to Buy US Stocks in Japan

Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank that provides investors with an online trading and investment platform. Several regulatory bodies regulate the bank, hence it is safe. The US stock market is the largest in the world. Therefore, many investors worldwide are interested in buying US stocks. However, is it possible to buy US stocks in Japan?

Investors from all over the world can invest and trade in US stocks. However, they will need a stockbroker to act on their behalf. This article will discuss the features that make Saxo Bank the best platform to buy US stocks in Japan.

Why Choose Saxo Bank to Buy US Stocks in Japan?

1.    Wide Range of US Stocks

Saxo Bank is the best online platform for traders who want to buy US stocks in Japan because of its wide selection of US securities. Saxo Bank handles over five thousand stocks, the highest in Japan.

Saxo Bank trades in small-cap, medium-cap, large-cap, and stocks immediately after the Initial Public Offer (IPO). Furthermore, Saxo Bank trades in different stock exchanges, including NYSE, BATS, and NASDAQ. All these exchanges enable Saxo Bank to trade a wide range of US stocks.

Through these markets, Japanese investors can buy stocks in the biggest multinationals in the world. Investors can also buy stocks in companies that they think will become the next ten baggers. Ten baggers are investments that generate returns equal to ten times the initial investment.

2.    Advanced Trading Platforms

Saxo Bank offers advanced yet easy-to-use platforms. The bank has three trading platforms; SaxoTraderGO, SaxoTraderPRO, and Mobile Trading.

Saxo Bank’s trading platforms also come with a variety of tools and features. These features include enhanced trade tickets, technical and fundamental analysis tools, performance analysis, asset classes, and an extensive charting package.

There are nine different charts to choose from across all three platforms. The charts come with 20 drawing tools and 58 market trend indicators. The charts are versatile, and traders can easily switch between different charts.

Saxo trading platform also provides several analysis tools that help traders interpret market trends, understand the market sentiment, identify opportunities and mitigate risk. The platforms’ technical analysis tools include moving averages, trend lines, relative strength index, and Bollinger bands.

The trading platforms also have educational and research materials. Traders can therefore conduct research and learn more trading tactics from the platforms. Both in-house teams and third-party providers contribute to the development of these rich and diverse resources. Furthermore, the materials are available in both written and video formats.

3.    Attractive Transaction Fees

Saxo Bank charges traders attractive fees. The platform charges 0.2 percent of the transaction amount. However, the minimum fee is five US Dollars while the maximum is 15 US dollars.

In addition, the trading value and the transaction fees are converted into Japanese Yen if the trader wants to buy US stocks in Japan. However, the conversion will attract a conversion fee at a rate 0f 0.25 percent per order.

4.    7 Order Types that Support Late-Night Transactions

It is possible to buy US stocks in Japan. However, the US stock market runs at night in Japan. In addition, risk management in midnight trading can be a challenge.

However, this should not discourage traders who want to buy US stocks in Japan. Saxo Bank offers seven order types with 24 hours reception; thus, the trading deadline is indefinite. These seven order types allow Japanese traders to trade even while sleeping.

Saxo Bank accepts orders 24 hours a day. Therefore, traders can create orders any time of the day and wait for the orders to be executed once US stock markets open.


The US stock market attracts a lot of investors from all over the world. However, it can be challenging to buy US stock in Japan because of the different timelines. Saxo Bank’s trading platform is among the best platforms for traders to buy US stocks in Japan. The platform offers a variety of tools, features, and educational resources. Finally, the platform has several order types that allow Japanese traders to make orders even when the US stock market is closed.