4 Reasons to Include Promotional Products in Your Marketing Strategy

January is a busy month for marketers. Some are launching new marketing campaigns, while others brainstorm new strategies to implement in 2022.

Now’s the right time to put out promotional products if you belong to the latter.

It’s a new concept, for sure. The pen from the local dental clinic is on your desk. The coffee mug from the cable company your dad uses for his coffee. 

Branded promotional merchandise is everywhere. It works because it enables businesses to have that experienced-based connection with customers

Still on the fence about including promotional products in your marketing arsenal? The following four reasons will help you reconsider.

1. Boost Brand Visibility

All businesses want to create a strong reputation. They want to appeal to their target audience and stand out from the competition. 

Promotional product marketing advertises your wares and services with little effort. Promotional items like drinkware or apparel are kept for long periods. They reinforce brand exposure. A customer can recognize your brand upon seeing your logo on an item people use more often.

2. Increase Leads and Generate Sales

Entrepreneurs and marketers use different strategies to generate leads. Unfortunately, most of these tactics fail to produce satisfactory results.

Branded merchandise generates quality leads that can improve your return on investment. The unique logo on a mug creates a long-lasting impression on existing customers. Giving them products useful in everyday life makes them more likely to buy more from your store. They could also spread the word about your company to others. 

3. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Branded promotional items are more cost-effective when you’re still building your brand. Promotional items carry your logo everywhere. They can help market your brand for months or even years.

Most branded merchandise uses the word-of-mouth technique to boost cost per impression. Promotional products are passed back and forth between people. So your brand reputation will benefit from increased impressions. More people will know about your product. And you did it without spending money on costly advertisements.

4. Loyalty and Retention

Promotional items are one of the surest ways to gather user-generated content and boost engagement. Free branded stuff and excellent customer service will help you develop a healthy relationship with buyers. 

Developing strong bonds with your target customers pays off. They are bound to refer your brand to their friends and family, who eventually become your loyal customers. You can then position your brand as an authority and establish credibility in your niche. 

Promotional Product Trends in 2022

Work from anywhere products and eco-friendly items are expected to be popular this year. More people are doing their jobs remotely. So, products that will help de-stress or boost productivity are more than welcome.

Shoppers are also on the lookout for companies that align with their values. Going “green” with your promotional merchandise will score you extra points with customers.

Last, a great T-shirt is a perfect choice. This versatile piece of clothing is wearable throughout the year in the Great White North. 

Long-sleeved shirts are great for layering during winter. Meanwhile, the standard version is perfect for summer. There are many options for affordable t-shirt printing in Canada online. Find one within your area that suits your company’s needs and budget.