4 Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist

A hairstylist can tell you much more if you ask the right questions. The problem is most people don’t ask many questions but rather ask for a style and nothing beyond that. Well, if you want to get more out of your visit, you might want to ask the following questions.


  1. How Healthy is My Hair?


The overall state of your hair and scalp is important. No one knows this better than your hairstylist. This person handles your hair and knows what healthy hair looks like. The question may not yield the answer you want, but the answer will help improve your hair.


A hairstylist won’t always blurt out that your hair isn’t in the best condition, which is the reason you should ask. Maybe you need to treat your hair with a leave-in treatment to restore amino acids and fight dryness. Ask and try to observe the suggestions.


  1. Should I Customize My Hair to Fit Me?


The next thing you might want to ask deals with your hairstyle. Some people don’t care to ask this question because they’ve gotten used to their style, or they just want whatever they see in a magazine. This could be working out just fine for you, but it might not.


Folks don’t always consider their face shape when choosing a hair style. Some styles help highlight the best features on your face, but you might not be getting a style like this. For example, an oval face would look great with a bob or with long wavy hair. A person with an oblong face would look best with voluminous long waves.


  1. What Do I Need to Maintain This Look?


Once a look has been chosen, it’s important to find out what you’re going to need to maintain it. This is a big question, so make sure you understand the answer. If you feel you need further instruction, ask again or record the hairstylist to have it as a reference.


If you know yourself and know that you don’t keep up with hairstyles that require a lot of work at home, then make sure you say this before your stylist creates a look for you. Many hairstyles require minimal effort on your part to maintain. The more honest you are and the more you communicate with your hairstylist, the happier you’ll be with your look.


  1. When Do I Need to Come Back?


The last big question to ask is about your next appointment. Ask the stylist when you need to come back to maintain this look. No matter how much you take care of your style, at some point, your hair is going to need to be redone.


If you want to wear the style consistently, then make your appointment as recommended. If you don’t mind waiting a while, then just add a reminder in your calendar so that you don’t forget to make the appointment when you’re ready.


There you go. You’ve got four important questions to ask your stylist, but don’t be afraid to add more questions to this list if you feel like it. Your stylist is there to give you information, not just style your hair, so take advantage of all the knowledge you can.