4 Proven Ways To Get Success Through Pinterest Story Pins

Pinterest is no longer an underdog when it comes to social media platforms. With an increase of 26% in followers, Pinterest is gaining a place in social media marketing strategies for all businesses. With over 325 million active users, this platform is becoming a place where you can do so much more than look for home décor ideas.

Most businesses are finding creative ways to use boards to promote their business. It provides an interactive way to connect with your audience. Keeping the popularity in mind, Pinterest has come up with a new feature- story pins that can improve or enhance your marketing strategy better.

Story pins ensure that you get higher traffic to your website or blog and encourage people to take action. But before we see how story pins can help your brand gain more success. Let’s understand what story pins are.

Story pins are somewhat similar to Facebook or Instagram stories. It is a place where you can share inspirational content for your Pinterest followers. It can include 5-20 slides of images or videos or gifts so that you can engage more people, and get higher traffic.

Another advantage of story pins is that you can share content directly on it. You do not have to distribute the content of Instagram on it. This feature is still rolling, and not everyone will have access to it as of now. But when you do, it can have tons of benefits for your business. How? Let’s read below.

If you wish to get success through story pins, once they roll out, use these tips.

  1. Work on an intriguing description and title

 The title and description of your story pin are crucial. It’s because it is the one thing that will encourage the user to click on it and see it and pin it to their board. Thus, make sure you write an intriguing title and description for your story pin.

  • Keep it short as no one has time to read a long description or title.
  • Make sure to use keywords, and
  • Write the information that you certainly want the customer to see first.
  1. Make smart color choices

As we all know, every color evokes different emotions and responses from people. So, when it comes to choosing the color of your story pin, be quite smart and careful about it. Researchers are positive that pins that use red and orange color get more pins.

So, do your research and make sure that the colors go with your brand color scheme as well.

  1. Make sure the visuals are catchy

The intriguing title would be useless if you do not use catchy visuals. Any image or video you put in the story pin should be of the highest quality. If you are looking to create original images or edit an image, make sure you use a professional but easy designer tool like Canva or Picsart.

  1. Include CTA

The purpose of the story pin is to get high traffic to your website. How will this happen if there is no CTA in your description? Therefore, make sure that the Call-To-Action that you put in your description includes a back-link to your blog or website or retail shop.

  1. Know the target audience of your business

The story pins have the potential to get high traffic for your business. But to ensure that this happens, you need to provide content in it that your audience will like. So, the first course of action is to research your target audience and find out their dislikes and likes.

Figure out the type of content they are looking for. It will ensure that you can provide valuable content to them.

  1. Use Pinterest analytics

If you are already using Pinterest for your business, using pins can be easy for you. Why? Because you know the types of pins that work for you, you have data, and through Pinterest analytics, you can figure out the rest with ease.

  1. Work on your media

What are you going to post when story pins become accessible to you? Images or videos or a mix of both? No idea, then figure it out and keep some multimedia handy so that you do not lose time when it rolls on and stay ahead of your competitors.

Once the story pins become available to all, you would find it overwhelming to use if you are not ready for it. So, use these tips to get ready for this feature.