4 Productivity Hacks for the Best Medical Practice For Your Patients

Did you know that 20 percent of people have looked for a new medical practice simply due to having a long wait to see the doctor? Even more leave after sitting too long in the waiting room.

Unfortunately, inefficiency at your medical practice causes more than these annoying, long waits. It can cause you to lose both valuable patients and employees as well as hurt the quality of care you provide. best esthetician in los Angeles yonat zilberg

The good news is that you can easily improve the experience for your patients and reduce your own stress as a doctor. Read on to see four productivity hacks for becoming the best medical practice.

1. Let Patients Manage Appointments Online

Having your staff handle all customer appointments by phone eats up a lot of time. Further, some patients may find it inconvenient to have to call during certain hours for an appointment.

Letting patients schedule, change, and cancel appointments online will go a long way toward running a medical practice more efficiently. You can even set up the system to send automatic appointment reminders and further free up your administrative staff.

2. Use a 24/7 Automated Answering Service for Your Practice

Because your medical office probably doesn’t operate 24/7, your patients may not get the help they need when you’ve closed for the day. This gets even worse if they have an emergency.

To avoid having a large backlog of voicemails to handle when you come in the office, set up a 24/7 medical answering service.

This system can allow patients to handle some tasks through an automated system. The best medical answering service also provides access to a live representative who can help with an emergency.

3. Delegate Your Work Effectively

As a doctor, you can easily become overwhelmed trying to handle both medical and administrative work. Unfortunately, this can hurt the quality of care since you have less time to focus on patients.

Rather than trying to wear many hats, figure out which tasks other employees can do. You’ve likely hired talented staff who can learn and adapt, so develop them and let them try more tasks around your medical office.

4. Take Full Advantage of Automation

Whether you need to write referrals or share test results, having to mail documents and contact others can hurt your medical office’s productivity. Luckily, healthcare technology has led to tools that can perform a lot of common tasks for you and save you plenty of time.

For example, you can have your patients’ test results uploaded to a secure platform where they can see your notes and also submit any questions. You can also handle referrals electronically and avoid needing to write slips or call other providers.

Use These Hacks for the Best Medical Practice

As you’ve learned, becoming the best medical practice requires taking advantage of the new technologies available to you and investing in developing your staff.

Begin using some of these productivity hacks at your general practice office today. This will enable you to spend less time doing administrative tasks and focus more on giving your patients the quality care they deserve.

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