4 Popular Styles of Windows for Modern Homes

Whether you are building your dream home or remodeling the existing one, the interior of the house is always the central attention. However, most people stick their focus to the usual aspects such as wall color, furniture, decorative pieces, etc. They even think of matching Lenin while the work is still going on.

One aspect that most people fail to consider is the window design. As you can several types of window treatments ranging from sheer curtains to security shutters in Melbourne, you also have a decent variety in the styles of windows.

It is important to understand that windows are not just openings to let the light and air in. It gives your home a recognizable feel and defines the architectural style of the house. Having the window of the right size and style at the right wall of the room can instantly change the entire vibe. Leaving this crucial aspect to the contractor can lead to disappointments at the end of the project.

Remember, it is your dream house and you and your family are going to live a life full of special moments and endless memories in it. It is imperative to make all the crucial decisions yourself so that you get exactly what you have envisioned. Here are some amazing window styles that can suit your settings to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Bay windows

Bay windows are an ideal and widely popular option for homes in tropical areas. These windows are massive, covering a large area or the wall, and are designed with an extended platform. While you can use the platform for storage or as a sitting area to enjoy the stunning view from these large transparent walls.

You can also get customized cabinets under the platform for optimum use of space. Such windows look the best in living rooms or other spacious rooms.

  • Window walls

If you are living in an area with astonishing landscapes and scenes all around, you might want a window that gives maximum view and light. The best option in these cases is a floor-to-ceiling window wall. It gives you a sense of open space and brings nature almost inside the house.

You can play with different types of glasses and trims to blend these windows with your decor. These are also used to merge traditional and modern styles while still keeping them distinctive.

  • Dormer windows

Another option to let an expensive scenic view in is using the dormer windows. Unlike window walls, these are primarily used to balance the exterior of the house. These windows can draw eyeballs to the specific area of the facade of the house.

However, you can still use them to elevate the interior by placing them in a way that gives it height and light to the inside of the house. You can also add additional space for storage and sitting to these windows.

  • High windows and skylights

These types of windows are also called transoms windows, another highly practical addition to the list of popular windows for modern homes. These are dominantly used when you want plenty of light and air inside the house without compromising the privacy and wall area for storage and decor.

These windows are mostly installed in bathrooms and porch areas. You can use frosted glass to prevent sun during the afternoon and opt for panels that can be opened to maintain ventilation.


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