4 Notes to Help You Choose the Right MacBook for Work or Study

Choosing a laptop that satisfies all usage requirements is crucial for those who mainly work on computers. It’s because the laptop is a tool to help optimize performance and work efficiency. If you are learning about MacBook, the 4 notes we share can help you find an “effective assistant.”

1. Determine the purpose of use

Identifying your needs and purposes for using your MacBook should be your first step. This is a very important thing to do to help you find the right and optimal device for the price.

If your work or study only uses simple office features, in addition to having uncomplicated image design, video editing, and entertainment needs, you should choose the MacBook Air. Because the MacBook Air configuration meets diverse office tasks and runs smoothly with software such as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Ai, 3DS MAX, etc. MacBook Air M1, Macbook Air M2 are suggestions for you.

The MacBook Air M2, with its thin and light design and good configuration, is the right choice for office workers. Image source: Internet

If you work or study intensively in computer technology, graphic design, or video design with many complex effects, you should choose the MacBook Pro line. It results from the fact that Apple has designed this model with configurations to have high performance as well as smooth and battery-saving operation for programming and designing software programs for hours. MacBook Pro M1, MacBook Pro M2, MacBook Pro M1 Pro, MacBook Pro M1 Max, MacBook Pro M2 Pro, and MacBook Pro M2 Max are six names worth considering.

2. Consider the device model

You should choose models manufactured within 3–4 years. Because Apple no longer makes new products for models that have been available for a while, there is a high probability that you may purchase second-hand or fake goods. In addition, with older models, it will be difficult to find authentic parts to replace when the device needs repair or replacement.

Besides, every 3–4 years, Apple releases a new design, so older devices inevitably have outdated designs.

The 2017 MacBook has a different design from the MacBook Air model from 2021 onward.

3. MacBook Screen Size

When looking at MacBook reviews, you can see reviewers mentioning the size of the device as 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches, or 16 inches. As we work and look at the screen for a long time, choose the size that suits your wishes and preferences.

For example, people who work as graphic designers, video editors, fashion designers, or programmers, often tend to choose MacBooks with large screens of 15 or 16 inches, as it helps them see images and text clearly on the entire screen. Therefore, they often choose the MacBook Pro M1 or MacBook Pro M2 with a maximum size of 16 inches.

4. Find a reputable MacBook retailer with a good warranty policy

Numerous users all over the world give the MacBook high marks for quality and durability. However, while using it, we might unintentionally drop it, spill water on it, or do other things that harm the device. Or with devices that have been used for years, signs of “aging” or “overwork” may appear, and we need to have them repaired and maintained.

You should pick retailers who sell MacBooks and have professional service and repair centers that use genuine replacement parts. This is crucial because your MacBook will continue to function normally after you replace the damaged component.

In Vietnam, ShopDunk is a MacBook supplier that has ShopDunk Care, a center specializing in MacBook repair and service using authentic Apple devices and components. When purchasing a MacBook at ShopDunk, you are completely assured of the warranty policy and benefits when repairing your device here.

Hopefully, with the above 4 notes, you can find a reliable companion to help your work and study achieve the highest efficiency.