4 Must-Take Tours When In Slovakia

Are you wondering where to travel in 2021? As you know, 2020 was not a perfect year to travel. Not because you had no money to pay for your flight and accommodation, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries were in lockdown and closed their airspace.

Fortunately, the invention of a vaccine is giving some hope of a better traveling moment in 2021. You can start planning your next destination with high hopes of making it a reality. If you are searching for a place to spend your next holiday, Slovakia should be on your list. This small country in Europe has amazing tours that will make your moment there a lifetime memory. Here they are:

The wine tour

No European country has old winemaking art than Slovakia. Growing grapes and making wine is part of the Slovakian traditions. The citizen even sets aside September as the month for grape harvesting and serving of young wine.

When you are in this country, ensure you visit the wine refineries where you can witness the winemaking process. Somefactories will allow you to make your wine by following certain steps. So, if wine is something you cannot miss on your table, the wine tour is a nice idea.

The religious tour

Another adventure in Slovakia is the religious heritage tour. As a country at the heart of the European continent, it features a wide range of religious heritages. Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and other religions have their space in this country. You will find a site that carries a history that aligns with your religious beliefs.

Also, you will not only view structures or paintings that will make you feel at the right place but it is a chance to learn. The religious sites carry a lot of history that is hard to find in other places across the globe. As such, it is a perfect consideration for people who desire to know about their religion or diverse religious beliefs.

Gourmet and food tour

Taste the Slovakian plate by considering a gourmet and food tour. As you know, the local cuisines are the best explanation of people’s culture. You learn about people’s lives through the food they eat. This food tour allows you to taste different cuisines in Slovakia and other regions such as Nitra and Carpathian. You will also get a chance to tour the local fisheries, winemaking, and learn about the agricultural traditions in Slovakia.

Cave of Slovakiatour

Take a tour through the old structures and tunnels in Slovakia. The Caves of Slovakia tour offers you a chance to board a locomotive and transverse through tunnels, caves, and bridges in the unique Black Hron forest. You will have a chance to enjoy getting back in time when steam-powered engines were the best form of transport. Consider this tour and make your time here memorable.

In a word, Slovakia has a wide range of amazing tours that will power up your vacation. You will learn packing hacks for clothes the country’s history and get an experience of your ancestors. So, consider including one of the tours on your itinerary.