4 mistakes to avoid while starting a conversation according to the Funchatt team

Many people search for ways to start conversations. Of course, they end up getting so many ideas to help out. While some of these people may succeed with these tips, there are also some who might still fail. This happens because while following the tips, you might also end up doing things that you should actually avoid. 

So, while following the tips about what you should do, it is equally essential to check out 4 mistakes to avoid while starting a conversation to keep away from awkward or unpleasant situations. 

  1. Do Not Be Too Casual

It is a bad idea to start a conversation with a casual greeting if you are addressing a stranger. You don’t know whether the person will consider your casual approach in a proper way or not. Hence, in place of starting a conversation with options such as Whats up, it is much better to ask the questions: “Hey, How are you doing?”

The starting of any conversation should be warm enough to make the person feel respected, so that the conversation can go on smoothly, but also not too personal. It’s great if you know other person’s interests, so you can choose a neutral, but still compelling topic.

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  1. Bragging Is An Absolute No

Even if you have achieved a lot of accomplishments in life and you are justly proud of yourself, you should make sure that you do not brag about it in the very first conversation with a person that you are just getting to know. This gives out a negative impression about you and may result in a loss of interest in having any serious conversation with you. 

Also, a proper conversation can take place only when there is something to talk about with both the person. As per the definition of a proper communication a mutual communication is only successful when both speakers are equally participating in the process. But it is no longer possible when you are continuously bragging about yourself, forgetting to consider the thoughts and opinions of the other. You should try to show genuine interest in the other person, demonstrate understanding and compassion as much as possible. 

  1. Avoid Radical Statements

Another major mistake is to make radical statements about other people or topics. Even if you have a habit of being honest (which is a great quality), you should avoid being too straightforward about anything. Also stay away from giving unwanted advice, which is the one you weren’t asked for. 

Try to avoid statements such as:

  • You are mistaken
  • Check the information more properly before telling it
  • I don’t understand your point of view 
  • You are way too naive/dramatic/ill-informed

A key to great communication is active listening, which means that you should be able to consider the opinions of the other, even if they contradict your own point of view. This is the best way to understand the person’s motivations to believe in anything, to see and accept this “other side” of life.

Stay especially conscious of not using any radical statements while starting a conversation with a stranger. Of course, when you are talking to someone whom you already know, you can take the leverage of sharing your actual feelings to the fullest. But this way of acting can completely ruin your conversation with a new person. 

  1. Avoid Personal Questions

Probably you will not love the idea of opening up about your personal life in front of a complete stranger. So, the last and the most essential mistake that you should try to avoid is any kind of personal questions. 

What are the personal questions that you should stay away from?

  • When are you getting married?
  • Are you dating someone?
  • How much do you earn?

Not everyone is comfortable in disclosing their personal matters. Hence, such questions may ultimately make the person quit the conversation with you. So, while you are asking general questions, avoid going too personal with  strangers with whom you are initiating a conversation for the first time. 

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Next time when you are preparing yourself to start a conversation with a stranger, do not just follow the to-do tips but also make sure to stay away from the common mistakes that are stated above.

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