I hope you already know that a servo motor is a device that combines electrical and mechanical characteristics. Broadly speaking, it is a system that can be manipulated to execute certain programmed actions. In the automated and type 4.0 industry, servo motor applications are widely used.

The industrial servo driveis integrated by an internal transmission that is what allows its control. It is possible, for example, to change position angles, to correct tasks. The servo motor is usually small in size, operates within a closed circuit, and typically has remarkable angular power.

What differentiates one servo motor from another is the type of rotation it can perform. Thanks to the internal gear, it would be possible to make continuous rotations, limited to certain degrees and even at specific speeds.

Servo Motor Applications

Servo motors are used in applications that require rapid speed variations without overheating the motor. These are widely used in many projects and here we have enlisted their 4 major applications:

1.      Industrial Production

Of course, the high popularity of servo drives did not come from nothing. It results from the very wide possibilities of using this equipment in various types of industrial productions. In industries, servo motors are used in machine tools, to handle material, for print conversions, packaging, and assembly lines.

2.      Robotics

With many other industries, robotics is also a great admirer of servo motors. In fact, the servo drives constitute the essential basis of robotics as a whole, the reason being their compact design, high precision, force density, and variable size. Considering all these perks, every robotic design today employs servo motors and Robotics, in general, is being used in various types of manufacturing. In sectors such as the automotive, hospital, and even food industries, robotic devices are daily used.

3.      Elevator technology

Besides Robotics and Industrial production, servo drives play a significant role in elevator technology. These are used to build safe elevators that can provide a secure transportation system to passengers in large buildings. Using these servo motors, the designers create radio-controlled systems to control the position and movement of elevators.

4.      Cameras, telescopes, and antennas

Another area where servo motors are popular is the production of cameras, antennas, and telescopes. Using servo motors for these technologies, the designers are now able to provide better focus to the users as servo motors offer both precision and smooth rotation.

In addition to these 4, there are other areas where servo motors are playing their part, such as:

  • Toys: Today, we see many radio controlled toys around us that use these servo motors.
  • Automobiles: Servo motors are also used in automobiles to maintain vehicle speed.
  • Aerospace Industry: Aerospace industry is another significant field that uses servo drives. Using the servo motors, the engineers maintain hydraulic fluid in their hydraulic systems.
  • Solar tracking systems: In a solar tracking, the use of servo drives allows the movement of the solar panels according to the direction of the sun. 

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