4 Knee Friendly Exercises for Knee Pain Sufferers

Knee injuries are never fun to deal with. The frustration of dealing with a knee injury can be debilitating at times. If a person really commits to an exercise regimen on a consistent basis, a knee injury might feel like a couple of steps backward in their fitness journey. Thankfully, a bad knee isn’t the end of the world. There are ways to get back into the workout cycle without causing further harm to the knee. With clearance from medical professionals, check the following exercises suggested by Elevate Training Centre which provides physiotherapy services in Brisbane Northside. There are a few exercises a person can still work with even with a bad knee.

1. Swimming 

Swimming is one of the best workouts anyone can do. Swimming is excellent because it places no pressure on the joints. Because all the work gets completed underwater, the water operates as a great equalizer and protects the body from any strain. It is also one of the most efficient calorie-burning exercises to do and is great for anyone looking to melt pounds or maintain a certain weight. Knee problems and injuries don’t need to keep a person away from reaching fitness goals at all. 

2. Weight Training

Weight training may sound like an unlikely option, but it is actually a great way to still work up a sweat and get a solid workout without creating further damage to a bad knee. With the right amount of weight, weight training is also very excellent for burning fat long after the workout is over. Knowing this, there are a few exercises to avoid while weight training. Avoid deep squats and lunges. Instead, try partially seated squats and leg lifts with ankle weights. Work the upper body with the shoulder press, rowing machines, and strength training reps for the triceps and biceps. 

3. Elliptical Machines

Another bad knees exercise involves the elliptical machine. The elliptical machine works the entire body and is excellent for a high-intensity workout with a low impact on the knees. Because the feet stay planted on the elliptical, the chances are low that this will hurt the knees. Just like the treadmill, the elliptical machine is easy to adjust to get the heart rate in the fat-burning zone. Unlike the treadmill, the elliptical is easy on the knees. 

4. Walking

If someone refuses to part with their beloved treadmill and doesn’t want to try any other machine, try walking. Walking is an easy workout for the body. It is another low-impact cardiovascular exercise. Using the treadmill to walk instead of run minimizes the chance of knees injuries. There is another added benefit of choosing to walk. Out of all the exercises on this list, walking is the only one that can be done anywhere. No gym equipment is required in order to walk. As long as the weather permits, it is easy to go outside during a lunch break or after work and go for it. Before going on any walk, it is very important to wear supportive shoes to minimize the possibility of knee damage. 


One of the most important factors to consider with these exercises is that they are all low-impact. High-impact exercises can easily produce stress and strain on the knees and will only exacerbate the issue for someone struggling with bad knees. When these exercises are completed in moderation, the body will still receive all the benefits involved with working out and maintaining a healthy physique.

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