4 Killer Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Since there are around 30.7 million small businesses in the US, it’s important that you stand out among the competition. But, you may be wondering, how can you do this?

Using up-to-date and effective marketing strategies is a great way to reach out to your target audience. Read on to learn about these strategies and how you can implement them!

1. Create an Engaging Brand

Branding is one of the most essential aspects of marketing. It refers to creating a logo as well as symbols, phrases, colors, and even fonts that people will subconsciously associate with your brand. This lets them remember you later when they see one of the branding icons or symbols that they have linked to you in their subconscious.

While this might sound challenging, you aren’t in it alone. Dpdk.com can help you transform your brand and ensure that it appeals to the audience that you most want to reach. Get in touch with them for a little help!

2. Design a Killer Webpage

To market your business online, you’ll need an awesome official webpage. This means having multiple visual aids- no one likes to look at a wall of text! It also means posting SEO-rich blog content on a consistent basis, having a clear and effective navigation system, using bold colors and fonts, and making it easy for people to find information and contact you.

You can also promote your website by linking to it with Pay Per Click ads. This (in conjunction with an SEO campaign) helps you to gain visibility and traction.

3. Don’t Forget Video Content

Did you know that 73% of consumers are more likely to invest in a service or product after they watch a video on it? Well, it’s true!

Whether you’re posting to your official website or to social media, adding video to your posts will get it more engagement. This means that more people will absorb the content, but also that it will be more shareable and therefore create more traffic to your site. There are many types of videos, so you can choose between animations, explainer testimonials, and live-action skits to nail your point home.

4. Reach Out on Social Media

Social media is also a great way to reach out to your audience. Most platforms have their own advertising services that show PPC ads to the demographics that you enter. However, creating and maintaining a page and connecting with others in your industry is just as, if not more, important than this.

Link back to your official webpage on Facebook and Twitter to generate more traffic and leads. Make sure that you have your DMs open to prospective clients and respond promptly and professionally.

Get Started With Awesome Marketing Strategies

Now that you know some of 2020’s best business marketing strategies, it’s time to check out the rest of our website. Here, you’ll learn more about how to conduct and grow your business. You also will get information on the latest technologies that make client outreach simple, efficient, and effective.

Go get ’em, tiger!