4 Keys to reach your consumers’ mind through promotional mugs!

Do you intend to grasp your consumers’ minds just like a magnet attracts iron? Yes! Most of us desire to hype our products and carry out marketing in a way that attracts customers towards our brand at the first glance, and also stays in their minds for months. And this includes creating the best, appealing packaging, choosing a unique name for your brand and of course, going for a marketing strategy that ensures to hold the maximum consumer attention for long.

Promotional merchandise in Melbourne from Levella Promotions is the magnet that can help you to stay in your consumer’s minds for long. Each of these products are created with care, has your name embedded on them perfectly and has a quality that guarantees a long shelf life once it reaches your customers. But when you are in a dilemma to choose the most favourable one from the lists of those merchandises, we suggest – go for the mugs!

Attractive ways to captivate your consumers through your customised mugs!

Personalised mugs in Melbourne-are the most popular products for creating hype about your brand amongst your customers. No matter how many mugs you may be having, an extra one with a cute logo and in a nice colour or a graffiti is always welcome! Not many of us can do without a morning cuppa! But do you know how you can charm your customers and let them be impressed with your brand through just a mug? Not sure about this, right? So, we have got these tricks listed below to ensure your promotional mugs do promote your brand in the best possible way and allure your customers.

Choose the best material — When you are keen on distributing mugs, be sure to choose the best material for the same! Like, a ceramic mug is the most popular one worldwide and a plastic one fails to create a good impression on your customers’ mind. There are even steel ones which do last longer, but have limitations in customisation — and thus fail to impress most of the people.

Design the perfect mug — Just think it’s your chance to leave an impactful image in your customers’ mind, make sure it’s an impressive one! You can select the colour that matches your company logo beautifully and then add the images or stickers which you think are trending and would be appealing to the people using it. When the end product is ready, be sure to check that it’s the most amazingly designed mug by you defining your brand. Surely remember to add the brand name and logo.

Add the X factor — There are a number of companies choosing a mug for their promotion because it’s “the favourite” product of the masses. So, how would your mug evolve as a unique and the best one from this clutter? Obviously, apart from your logo, you need to add an X factor to it. Be it going for 3D ideas or trying to carve the mug in a unique shape, you can be as creative as your mind and budget allows you, and make your promotional mugs the most distinct one.

Wrap them with love and care — A present that’s presented beautifully makes up for any incompetency of the gift inside the package! Ensure to wrap your customised mugs in attractive and alluring packages before shipping them or distributing them to the recipients. If possible, add a personalised letter addressing to your special consumers or influencers and let them receive your love and gratitude along with the mug.

Consider the above pointers and create a magnificent gift for your customers, and achieve extraordinary promotions for your brand alongside. 

Eada Hudes

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