4 key tactics to groom your employees

Numerous start-ups are founded each year. Most of them fail, while a handful of them survive. Even some of the organisations which manage to survive, live as a mediocre brand for the rest of their lives. 

Have you ever wondered why very few companies make it to the top? What makes them successful? The product or service they are selling? Well, you cannot deny the fact that the product the company is selling plays a crucial role in deciding whether it will survive or not. 

But there is another factor that is often overlooked. It is what’s happening inside the company. Are employees happy? Are they growing? Are they productive? 

Very few companies value their workers and those which do so, reap the benefits and stand out from others. 

So, let’s discuss a few ways you can enhance the skills of your employees. 

Remove Barriers 

Many companies are stiff and non-flexible when it comes to processing and organizing an ongoing structure. Most organisations don’t allow employees to expand their skillset by limiting them to their areas of expertise. While it is true that a worker should perform his primary tasks, it can limit the growth of the worker. He might take this as a threat to his personal development. 

If you want your employees to grow, you need to promote dynamic growing and cross-functional development. It is the responsivity of the leaders to bridge the communication gaps, knock down any barrier and craft a system that enables smooth transit of communication and skills.  

Millennials have grown up in a dynamic world. They like to be challenged. They like to learn new things. They like to adapt to new technologies. If you try to keep them in a box, they will put all of their energy to knock the walls down and set themselves free. So, use their strengths to benefit your company. 

Be Flexible 

Some people confuse discipline with rigidness. Discipline is different. It is about obeying rules and a code of behavior. But when you set rules, make sure they are not daunting. Don’t discourage working from home. Don’t tell your employees to behave formally. In short, don’t actively push any restrains until it is necessary. 

For instance, if someone wants to take a few months off, allow them if you have resources and you can afford it. When you do them a favor and make them feel happy, they will tell others, their family and their circle. This will not only bring a positive image of your company but also give them a desire to work for your more diligently. 

Give Honest Feedback 

Feedback can mean positive criticism. It can mean appreciation. It can be anything but deception. Provide honest feedback to your employees on their performance. 

If they have performed well, give constructive feedback. Start by appreciating them then you can give them a recommendation to further improve and flourish. If an employee keeps outperforming others, reward him or her with something special. Make them feel valuable. The moment they feel like their hard work is not being recognized, they will start looking for opportunities at other places. 

If they are not performing well, don’t be harsh. For instance, if they have committed a mistake for the first time, don’t be cruel. Talk to them without insulting them. Make them aware of their mistake. Emphasize the consequences it will bring to their company as their own. Make them realise they have done something wrong. 

Feedback should be given weekly or bi-monthly. Don’t skip feedbacks. It will make your employees careless.  

Keep them engaged 

What motivates the majority of the population to work for someone is the money they are going to make while working for them. Many people will deny this. But deep inside, that is their main motivation. Each one of us get out of our comfortable couches to take a handsome amount of salary at the end of the month. 

So, make sure you offer good benefits to your employees along with a market competitive salary. Offer them unique perks that enhance their social status. For instance, find out when is their birthday and arrange a small celebration for them. Make them feel valued and special. Give them a personal car. Car hire companies offer economy car rentals with flexible contract terms. So, don’t hesitate and keep them enticed.