4 Innovative Ways Schools Can Be a Safer Space for Students

We’ve seen an increasing number of school shooters in recent years, both in the United States and worldwide. Many schools have implemented safety drills for students and staff members who want to know what to do in case of an emergency. However, many schools are still unfamiliar with how these emergencies unfold and how they can best be addressed.

1. Use a Vape Detector Service

No school should allow electronic cigarettes to be used inside the building. However, vape detectors are a fantastic service offering a way for schools to know what vaping devices can be allowed on campus. A vape detector is a relatively new technology that does not allow students to smoke or vape inside a building but detects the vapor produced by the vaporizer device. Because of the dangerous risk vaping poses to students’ health, using a vape detector service is one of the smartest ways to make schools safer for students.

2. Enforce a Clear Bullying Policy

It may seem like a no-brainer to implement clear bullying policies in schools, but often it isn’t. It is especially the case in elementary schools, where students are young and aren’t often knowledgeable on the issue of bullying or how to deal with it. Sadly, by the time many students reach high school, they are already mistreated and bullied, leading to deeper issues such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Bullies must be held accountable for their actions, as we have seen countless acts of violence against students due to bullying at school.

3. Install the Panic Button

Students and teachers may have panic button devices installed directly on the campus that provides a gunshot detection service. It would alert the authorities in case of an emergency, providing everyone with a calming effect and allowing them to stay safe. It would also enable students to know where to contact authorities if their school is on lockdown. Panic button devices are a great way to get students and teachers to feel safe.

4. Purchase a Security System

Several companies provide high-quality school security systems at an affordable cost, including fixed camera systems, video intercoms, etc. Having these security systems installed in critical areas will allow your school to be more secure than it ever has been before. Since there is no need for expensive on-site security guards or armed officers other than in the one building on campus, these systems will save you money on your leasing or purchase of the property and provide an added layer of protection for students throughout campus.

By taking a few essential precautions, schools can ensure that students are safe and happy. School shooters should not be able to use school as a place they can go to get themselves in trouble and begin carrying out their plans to end their lives. Students need to feel safe in a school environment where they can learn and grow; being uncomfortable is not the right feeling for either student or teacher at the beginning of a school year.