4 important tips on writing attention grabbing content for your landing page

Do you know business websites that use 10 to 15 landing pages generate 55% leads in excess? However it should be cautioned that by simply loading a landing page will not fetch you the crowd you expect as it will require exemplary copy writing to goad visitors into spending more time on your landing page. Copy writing is a skilled job that uses artistic script writing to persuade visitors to buy products. Usually landing pages are absolute sales pages that have just one goal to achieve- to sell commodities.

This actually means that you should pump in crisp content on the landing page that will get the customers excited and instigate them in to action. They otherwise will leave your landing page in a jiffy and you won’t even notice it. Without further ado lets us start on the finer points of copy writing.

Here are some copywriting techniques and strategies that you can use on your landing page throughout. You can try them on the headlines, in the body and in the sub-headings. By mixing them into combinations you can bring in the desired results.

  1. Include action calls in plenty

The phrases and words that call for action will tell customers to start or do something. This would eventually lead the customer to the next action of buying or sales. Here is some of the call of action words:

  • Add to cart
  • Shop now
  • Buy now
  • Don’t wait
  • Order today

These are powerful words though they appear subtle and research has found that 90% of the public that reads your headlines also read the call of action phrases. This actually means that you wheel the customers in with great headlines and then increase the conversion chance with a call to action later.

  1. Stir up customer’s emotional points

Why do you think customers buy a product? For resolving a problem. By reminding of them of the problem and what actually triggered that will stir up the emotions in the customer and ultimately open up the sale chance. You should keep in mind that the process of purchasing is highly emotional and learned counsels argue that it is emotional up to the point of 95%

  1. Relate to audience by telling a story

Everyone likes to read a good story. Add a story to the landing page that is the customer testimonials which is also a variant of storytelling. They have proved immensely in helping higher conversion rates for websites. You will find all successful websites feature some interesting testimonials on their landing page.

  1. Build a Slippery Slope

By creating a slippery slope you can easily persuade customers to get to the business end sooner than you expect. You should arrange your copywriting in an organized way so it takes the customer to the logical conclusion. The copy will look like this:

  • An Attention grabbing headline
  • An introduction of the product, features and advantages
  • Justifying the purchase and pricing
  • Customer testimonials that act as society proof
  • Answer to customer queries and complaints
  • Finally the call to action for buying your product

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