4 Good Reasons to Choose a Wooden Display

reasons to choose a wooden display

Having a top-quality product may not be enough to drive sales. You need more than that. It needs to be accompanied by a good marketing strategy, especially at events or exhibitions. A very useful resource is to have an exhibitor at a trade show booth. 

There are many types of displays for stores and stands. Choosing one or another will also depend on the aesthetics of the store, the company’s imagen, and the products to be exhibited. However, nowadays there are many reasons why people decide to choose wood as the main material.

Exhibitions or product displays help a lot in retail sales and attract more attention. Wood is a very virtuous material that offers a lot of benefits and features that bring a lot of value to your brand.

4 reasons to choose wood for your display

Wood is one of the most attractive elements to modern synthetic materials. That’s why it never goes out of style, its aesthetics and long-lasting. It gives a lot of personality to your products and company. 

It is one of the most sought-after materials when it comes to preparing displays. More and more people are joining to provide a sustainable and organic image to their brands. For that reason, today we will give you 4 reasons to choose wood as a material for your display:

1. Wood is a recyclable material

Wood is a natural, renewable, and sustainable resource. It is sustainable since using it responsibly and sustainably, it helps to increase the forests. It is also a material that can always be reused without any inconvenience.

It is an excellent material to bring more ecological value to your brand and will allow you to create awareness among consumers. Also, it helps to give a more ecological and environmentally conscious image which is perfect for wooden displays at markets.

2. Provides resistance 

It is a light but strong material. It provides resistance and durability over time. The great benefit is that we know that when we place our products in the exhibitor will not fall and there is no risk that our products can fall.

On the other hand, it has high resistance to parallel traction and compression, as well as a high capacity to absorb energy, which makes wooden structures effectively withstand earthquakes and impact loads.

3. Durability

With proper design and construction, timber construction solutions can be very durable. This fact is easily verified through the observation of the numerous works that, with hundreds of years of age behind them, have reached our days in a perfect state of preservation.

In the same way, wood is an excellent material, since it avoids the always costly maintenance work. Likewise, it is a material that does not require much maintenance. With enough care, you will be able to have a wooden display for a long time.

4. Brand value

Because of its aesthetic properties, custom-made wood is a material with a strong aesthetic value and great beauty.

Wood conveys a pleasant sensation of comfort and warmth and makes an unbeatable impression of good taste in the eyes of customers. This good impression gives an important value to the brand.

Brands should always generate confidence and security for their consumers. They must offer a valuable product that generates a greater impact and connection. An unforgettable product that transmits the brand concept. 

Is wood better than plastic?

When it comes to exhibitors, wood is a great option because it allows greater durability and aesthetics to our display. Let’s remember that presenting our brand will always be a challenge in which we must choose the best options. 

Starting a business is not easy and requires a lot of work. Those who work with retail products should think of options that are accessible, durable and good quality.

Unlike plastic, wood is unbreakable and has a high resistance capacity. In addition, plastic is highly polluting, while wood can be reusable. More than 90% of the world’s plastics are produced from fossil fuels, while wood is a natural and organic product and easier to work with.

wooden stands color wood latvia

Wooden displays

Wood, in this sense, becomes a very versatile material with many benefits. It becomes a good option for displays because it gives personality and durability. 

Having a wooden display in the booths or in your store is completely beneficial because it allows you to stand out from the crowd. In addition to a greater visual attraction.

At Color Wood Latvia they stand out for producing wooden stands for tableware in an ecological style. They use only natural wood and harmless water-based paints to manufacture our stands.

They care about presenting quality products that help the image of the companies and the satisfaction of their customers.