4 Fundamental Mistakes that Dental Assistant Students Should Avoid

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in dental assisting programs? Well, congratulations! It must be exciting for you to start a new phase of your life. But wait, do you know what to avoid as a dental assistant? No? We are here to help.

It is not uncommon for dental assistant students to make mistakes in their careers. But these small errors can become harmful to the growth of your dental career. So, why make mistakes when you can avoid them completely? We have identified these common mistakes that a dental assistant student makes in his/her career. Knowing about these errors will make sure that nothing is holding you back from having a fantastic career in this field.

Read on to know more.

Not Just an ‘Assistant’

If you are a dental assistant student, it is not uncommon for you to hear the phrase,’ You are just an assistant’. It is time for you to turn back and say,’ No. I am not.’ Dental assistants are an important part of dental spaces. No dentist can function without the contribution of assistants. It is a myth that dental assisting is a simple, non-essential, and easy role. In fact, it is just the opposite. Dental assistants have a demanding and taxing job. Doctor Lisa Iyyer, a dental surgeon in California says,” I could do nothing without my assistants. They take complete care of the patient before and after the procedure. Their intensive training makes them capable to handle any distress situation.”

If you have passed out from any top dental Assistant Schools Californiathere is no way you are incapable of handling the job. So, don’t let anyone put you down. Keep all these positive things in your mind while pursuing this career. If you keep thinking that this line of study is ‘less’ it will negatively affect your career. Instead, focus on the good and pursue your dream career.

Not Pursuing the Correct Training Program

As someone interested in becoming a dental assistant, you should for the right dental assistant certification programs. To pursue a career in this field you need to know what chairside assisting, procedures and instruments are all about. Wherever you send your resume, and whichever job you apply to, the authority will check your documents carefully. If you do not have the right training, they would not hire you.

When you sign up for any certified dental assistant program, they will teach all about Dental Sciences, Chairside Assisting, and follow it by Completion of Certification requirements. When you apply for a job, they will check if your academy has covered all required training or not. So, choose the program carefully.

Choosing the Right Place of Work

Dental assistants at times get mistreated by popular dental establishments. Salary is a major concern for most dental offices in California. In these situations, it is best to stay calm and act professionally. Remember your training and experience demands a good pay scale. You have worked hard to become a professional dental assistant. Do not let anyone make your job seem easier. Stand tall in the face of all these kinds of workplace harassment. 

If you have proper dental assistant certification, there is no way that your employer will not give you the salary, you deserve. Broach the topic politely and touchwood, all will work in your favor. Remember, to bend your will as a dental assistant.

Not Getting Involved as a Dental Assistant’

When you go for any kind of dental assistant training, the academy teaches you all about dental organizations. Organizations like the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) and the American Association of Dental Office Management have proven to be tremendously successful in uplifting the careers of many dental assistants. As a student of this program and/or as a young professional in this field, you must join these associations. Do not be reluctant or hesitate. 

Attending their dental meetings will provide you with a great network with other dental assistants and dentists too! Alice Turner who wanted a job change casually bumped into another dental assistant May, who was working with a big dental office. May asked Alice to send her resume to the office. Within three weeks, Alice joined as a recruit with better pay and opportunities. You can too, take advantage of these associations but first, Go attend that meeting!

As you have heard the phrase,’ Haste makes Waste’, it is important in your dental assistant career as well. As a student or a young professional, you should never commit the above-discussed errors. Of course, these mistakes are not the be-all and end-all of your dental assisting career but it is best to take the path that makes the journey smoother. Among all other academies that provide dental assistant training, MDS Dental Assisting Academy is a popular choice. You can choose anyone convenient for you. These academies, make sure that the path to becoming a dental assistant is error-free and hassle-free. A good academy will make sure ‘there are no mistakes, only good lessons.’!