4 Free Educational Websites for Kids in

Learning online is becoming common with every passing day. Doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a teenager, you can use the most powerful tool of the time (the Internet) as an educational source. For many people, it is still confusing whether their kids can learn from the internet or not.

To clarify this question, we have written this blog comprehensively from different aspects. By the end, you will be able to learn how you can indulge your kids to get educated from the internet. We won’t share the educational platform but show you some free educational websites in this blog.

These websites can help your kids to learn different new concepts that may not be available in their regular books. Yes, your kids will learn those things that they can’t do with their routine book-reading habits. Eager to learn more? Let’s not waste your time and move to the main topic.

How Can Kids Learn From Websites?

Before you check the free sites for your kids to get them educated, you should learn how these sites and many others can help your kids. Many people search for this question because they are not aware of the method and process through which their children can learn.

Mostly, the common concept about a website is a regular blog discussing different topics from various categories, particularly for teenagers and older. It is a complete misconception because multiple websites are available for learning purposes.

You can watch tutorials, get lectures, perform exercises, and do many other activities. With respect to kids, some websites are available that focus on children only. Those websites are providing funny and entertaining educational topics related to videos.

For example, you can get videos related to Newton’s Gravitation concept and other related videos from those websites. Abide by videos; such websites also have a large collection of kids’ fun and educational games. By playing those games, your kids can easily understand different topics in which they are struggling.

The most common example in this regard is mathematics-related games where kids are asked to add or subtract but in picture format. Yes, the kids are shown a specific number of figures on the screen and asked to sum or subtract them. In short, multiple ways are there through which a website can assist you in educating your children.

Free Educational Websites for Kids

Sometimes, you may be getting access to paid educational websites and might be thinking that all websites fall in this category. Keep in mind multiple free educational websites are also available on the internet. Here we have enlisted a few of those by reading which you can learn how these websites will help your children.


If we say that this website is an all-in-one platform for kids’ education, it will be right. Unlike other websites, it is not focused on English or a specific Science subject. This platform focuses on different subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, and Computers.

In addition to these subjects, the website is offering a wide number of e-books from different genres. Kidsworldfun is not only for those children who know how to read and write. But it is also perfect for younger ones because of its poem section.

Yes, this website has a specific section in which you will find multiple poems and rhyming lessons. You can keep your younger ones indulged in these sections to learn how to rhyme or speak a word. In short, it is one of the best free educational websites.


In the second position, we have ranked Funbrain which is also famous for its comprehensive lectures. But it is not the collection of lectures that encourages us to add this website. In our research, we have found that this website has a wide range of educational games.

This is why we have ranked it among other free websites from the educational category. Doesn’t matter whether your children only recognize or can understand the words, you will find this website a good learning approach for them.

You can teach them how to perform basic mathematics tasks, utilize English rules, and do other basic tasks through this website. It has multiple sections for almost every age section which makes it a good choice for every parent.


As the name shows, this free educational website is mainly focused on learning games. You will not get bored with lectures and assignments for your kids but you will find entertaining games. Yes, it will keep your children amused with its multiple games.

If we say that you will get tired while exploring its collection of games, it will be right. The reason is this website has multiple games from every category including Mathematics, English, Science, Space, and others. So, your kids will find games related to their favorite subject on this website.


Are you worried about the education of your kids? Do you want to create a safe environment for your kids on the internet? If you are looking for a solution, you should check timeforkids. This website has a specific and unique working algorithm as compared to all the above websites.

It is a responsive website that will help you in choosing the right section for your kids according to their ages. Yes, you can choose the lessons for your kids according to their ages. In turn, your children won’t get lessons that are not understandable for them. Also, you can keep them away from irrelevant lessons, subjects, and tutorials that they can get while browsing different educational websites.

Final Words

By reading about free educational websites, it might be clear you have got an idea of how to utilize the internet for your children’s progress. We have enlisted only those websites that are considered the best concerning educational perspective.